My Thoughts On Twitter 1/23/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Global economic growth is coming to a halt.
This is Nature’s way of forcing us to understand its law:
just as its still – vegetative – animate parts consume only the necessary, so man must act IN SPITE OF HIS EGO. Instead of excess in this world, he’ll reveal the eternal upper world.

American Psychological Association: Masculinity, domination and aggression are harmful to society, leading to loss of contact with the environment.
Kabbalah: nothing in nature is harmful or useful. Everything is determined by a balance of forces.
Hence society must be brought up to aspire to unity.

The world’s rulers consider the global order to be the only one.
Trump is ruining their future, rejecting their ideology, “the world is for the rich.” Hence they need to get rid of him.
And #Trump wishes to break them. He’s for simple Americans.
The fiercer he is attacked, the stronger he is toward the next election!
From Twitter, 1/23/19

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