Friends For A Purpose

laitman_943Question: What is this connection between us? After all, we are not friends in the physical sense. How do we connect and unite in the right way?

Answer: Friendship, on the physical level, is characterized by people that are pleased to communicate with each other; they have similar habits, common bonds, and so forth. This is what connects and unites them.

We are friends of a different type; we are friends for a purpose. Were it not for this purpose, we would never sit together. So, we need to understand clearly that only the importance of the goal holds us together, connecting and fastening us together. This is why the group exists.

The question is how does one not forget that the group doesn’t exist on its own, that by ourselves we are not connected? We gathered here not because it is good for us to be together, but so that we would connect above all the problems that constantly pop up between us, and that is how we ascend spiritually. The group must know under what conditions we have gathered, what we are working for, and what our work is.

Every day, we must discover new problems between us, and every day we try to solve them by rising above them. This means that we are not solving problems on the physical level as is customary in this world, but by specifically rising above them and turning to the Creator with a request for correction.

We are not prepared to get along alone; this is a spiritual correction. By not doing anything but only clarifying our problems in workshops, we ask the Creator to correct and fulfill us. He is the only one who corrects the connections between us, fills them through His revelation, and is, Himself, discovered in these connections.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/28/14, Questions and Answers

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