For A Higher Cause

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our world is a world of consequences. Do we need, by ourselves, to build the same whip that will force and commit us to correction? Is that the way of hastening (Achishena) time?

Answer: The way of Achishena is not the whip, but a way that attracts us to the purpose of creation due to its elevation in our eyes. We need to raise and elevate the goal so much so it will be so special, so desired, for us that we are prepared to do anything for it. And it won’t be difficult for us to go to it. Then we feel no pain, only inspiration.

For the sake of a higher purpose, people are capable of much: conquering mountain peaks, performing spacewalks, diving to the ocean floor instead of sitting comfortably on the sofa and watching football. People who are involved with creativity or with science burn themselves out, literally. They are willing to experiment with new drugs on themselves and conduct experiments that endanger their lives.

Everything depends on the importance of the goal! After all, our goal is not so difficult. If you arrange yourself in a group and the group begins to support each of its friends, then that will be the easy and wonderful way of inspiration, and you won’t feel even one drop of suffering.

What is that whip that you intend to use on yourself? Self-torment? A thing like that shouldn’t happen. All kinds of religious movements are arranged according to restrictions, while Kabbalah speaks about our path needing to be joyful.

In one of the Shamati articles, it says that the ego runs in front of everyone and shouts, “Catch the thief.” If you feel it is difficult for you, it says that you are progressing in an incorrect way. Make a clarification!
From the World Zohar Week “Integral Education Convention” Day Three 2/04/14, Workshop 5

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