Willing To Pay Any Price

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What happens when a person can annul himself?

Answer: He feels that he is already on a higher level in his connection with the upper, with the one to whom he has annulled himself. This is a question of equivalence of form. A higher level is a higher attribute.

Now I have a certain attribute of receiving or bestowal that depicts the world for me. When I annul myself with regard to the upper, I feel myself and the world, which means the inner and the external part of my attributes, in a more sublime manner. So I feel that I am in a different world.

Question: So it turns out that self-annulment is simply impossible and unbearable for a person.

Answer: We cannot annul ourselves and perform any spiritual action at all. But we must be convinced that we are helpless, and then we will be ready for a prayer. Our goal is to do whatever we can, to pay any price, to do whatever is in our power, and to see that nothing helps. Then we will cry out and stretch our hands to the Creator.

Question: If everything is predetermined, why can’t I save time and skip this intermediate phase?

Answer: But how can you turn to the Creator? A prayer is a real desire in answer to which you receive the perfect Light. Your request must also be perfect and then it will draw the perfect Light. This is actually what the whole period of preparation is concerned with. Reaching the perfect request can take a decade. Then you already have everything: You receive the Light that Reforms and you have a new attribute, the first spiritual state.

Then you advance to the second state, to the third…but all the following states are not as corporeal. It’s like the geological periods in the evolution of the Earth that lasted billions of years; there was the evolution of the animals that lasted a billion years and that of the plants that took half a billion years, but the evolution of the monkey, and of man that evolved from it, took only 100-200 thousand years, while the evolution of humanity has been only 50,000 years.

The development time reduces exponentially like on a logarithmic scale. It’s the same with the period of our preparation for the spiritual work, which is the longest and most exhausting. The other phases are much shorter. We have also developed in our technology, moving from DC to AC appliances, and now are working at high frequencies with lasers.

Question: How can a person hold on to this process which exhausts all his powers?

Answer: We can only count on the Creator’s help and on luck. Luck means holding on to the group, the teacher, the study, the daily schedule, as if you are in an army where everything is like clockwork: you get up, go to the lesson, from the lesson you go to work, and the whole day is according to this alarm clock. This is called God’s work.

After all, only at the end of correction will you be able to get rid of your desire to enjoy and until then you have to work. If you raise the importance of the goal to the right height, you will constantly feel elated. If you curse the Creator who gave you such hard work, it will not end well. You will suffer your whole life, torture yourself and your environment, and will come to nothing.

You should at least continue your participation in the group, even passively, as it says: “Anything but leave.” Eventually you will change, whether you want to or not; the influence of the environment will have its effect. We should understand that our state is perfectly arranged so that we will change, and there is nothing else we can do in this life.

We need to continually adhere to the group. If you are incorporated in it, you will feel that the group is an ideal state: that it is high, strong, and that you can always receive powers from it and adhere to it like a baby adheres to his mother.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/14

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