The Myth Of Automated Communism

laitman_547_05In the News (from The Guardian): “At a time when robots crowd factory lines, algorithms steer cars and smart screens litter the checkout aisles, automation is the new spectre. The robots, they say, are coming for our jobs. …

“Located on the futurist left end of the political spectrum, fully automated luxury communism (FALC) aims to embrace automation to its fullest extent.

“‘There is a tendency in capitalism to automate labor, to turn things previously done by humans into automated functions,’ says Aaron Bastani, co-founder of Novara Media. ‘In recognition of that, then the only utopian demand can be for the full automation of everything and common ownership of that which is automated.’

“Bastani and fellow luxury communists believe that this era of rapid change is an opportunity to realise a post-work society, where machines do the heavy lifting not for profit but for the people.

“‘The demand would be a 10- or 12-hour working week, a guaranteed social wage, universally guaranteed housing, education, healthcare and so on,’ he says. ‘There may be some work that will still need to be done by humans, like quality control, but it would be minimal.’ Humanity would get its cybernetic meadow, tended to by machines of loving grace. …

“The ideology springs from a tangle of well-observed trends. Generally, the rate of technological progress and labor productivity is rising, but wages are stagnating and factories are shedding jobs. Recent research indicates that 35% of jobs in the UK are ‘at risk’ of being automated.”

My Comment: Everything would have been good and even great if we, too, had been robots and not humans, created not from iron and silicon, but from egoism. And this is what will not allow us to enjoy life. We see that in everything we do: everything that is done with good intention turns into evil for us. It is said, “I have created egoism and I have given the Torah in order to correct it.”

That is, only by correcting our nature, will we be able to achieve a good state. And it should coincide with the plan of our creation. The purpose of the Torah, as it is written, is “Love your neighbor as yourself”; it is the main commandment of the Torah. So, no robots will be able to make our life easier; we destroy it every day by our unwillingness to fulfill this main condition of our creation.

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  1. True. No robots will make our lives easier. Humans first need to learn Not to use their tools to destroy and control others. Also, even if the inequalities and suffering are removed and everyone has a basically good quality of life…(how wonderful that would be), then you have to deal with the unique human need to feel useful, respected and appreciated. Why do you think so many people dream of retirement only to find that, once the days are totally free, they also become totally empty? Filling all that free time would require a total re-education process that strangely enough, people in poorer societies might understand better. Also life needs a purpose to make it meaningful. This issue goes far beyond a bunch of machines doing the menial tasks.

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