Time Of Joy

laitman_938.03Rabash, “The Agenda of the Assembly – 1,” Article No. 17, Part 2, 1984: Hence, after all the calculations comes the time of joy and love of friends. At that time, everyone should feel happy, as though one had just sealed a very good deal that will earn him lots of money. And it is customary that at such a time he gives drinks to the friends.

If a person has sincerely invested in spiritual work, he will have absolute satisfaction that everything ended well. When you expect special conditions, it means that you are neither in bestowal, nor in prayer, but just in your egoism.

Question: How should I feel when I leave the gathering of friends?

Answer: As if you remain at least at the same level and now you advance. Friends gave you an elevation and you received strength for further advancement.

Because now he is happy, he wishes his friends to feel good, too. Hence, the dispersion of the assembly should be in a state of joy and elation.

Joy is a sign that the gathering of friends went correctly. You are glad that in this way you performed a certain spiritual action, practical work.

As much as a person can keep himself in a state of excitement, this is progress.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/13/18

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