My Thoughts On Twitter 1/5/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

In a world that constitutes a single system, no element can move freely. If egoistic elements, antagonistic by nature, get together, it’s better for them to separate from each other (as Trump suggests) and then start converging only to the extent of their egoism’s correction.

Wishing for the Creator to get revealed?
Since the Creator is the giver, He can be perceived in the measure of similarity—we must build an instrument of bestowal.
Since we’re not givers, but the receivers, we must reform our connections from receiving to bestowal ….
…. where the Creator will be revealed.

Those who are mature are a minority.
If decisions are made by a majority, the opinion of the mature ones won’t be taken into account. Thus we’re choosing a regression!
But let those who are mature take into account the needs of those who are immature.
This can be done in a united society aspiring to the higher, common goal.
From Twitter, 1/5/19

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