Learn From Your Own Feelings

laitman_571.03Question: You keep saying that the internal connection of the points in the heart attracts the upper Light to a person. How does one get to this outcry? What is the internal connection of the points in the heart?

Answer: This is gradual work, connecting in one huge mutual effort, which attracts the Light. You are being appropriately lowered, then elevated, and then squeezed again, and again lowered, elevated, and squeezed again. This is how it carries out many times until, as a result of such exercises of the upper Light over you, you begin to feel it within yourself.

It is written in Kabbalistic books about the internal connection. However, when you feel it, you remember that this is how the author described it, feeling probably the same thing. You get closer to him and you start learning from him, not from the book, but from how you try to feel his feelings in yourself, so that he will lead you forward.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/6/18

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