The Void Before The Revelation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that when we read The Book of Zohar we should focus on unity. But how is it expressed? What action should I be thinking about? After all, the very word “unity” doesn’t strike a chord in me.

Answer: A feeling of unity builds up in a person very gradually, over the course of many months, until he begins to sense a certain “taste” in unification with the friends and finds some type of reality in it.

We experience on ourselves all the actions in the process of which, during millions of years of evolution, the vegetative degree formed from the inanimate one, the animate from the vegetative, and the human from the animate. But we undergo similar states at an enormous speed.

You ask about the state you haven’t obtained yet. You are trying to tap where this sensation of oneness may unfold, the feeling of unity and bestowal, when you step out of yourself, your ego. But nothing is really clear to you.

This is a sign of attainment. You start approaching the state which you seek and don’t know how to find: “I am looking for my brothers.” I seek unity and don’t find it. Does it even exist? What is it? How do I get hold of it?!

This is “the void before the revelation.” You are already standing at the threshold of it. And so it is, always. The question about the state you don’t possess is the very state that precedes it. You must simply go on, give the Light time to do its work. If you are present in the group, at the lessons, disseminate, and do everything you can, give the Light a chance to do the job.

As described in the “Introduction to The Study of Ten Sefirot,” Item 133: “ And only the heroes among them, whose patience endured, defeated the guards and opened the gate. And they were instantly awarded seeing the King’s face, who appointed each of them in his right place.” Just be patient! If it takes ten years, so be it. Another ten, big deal.

And those who think they are smart “jump off the carriage,” and in ten years you see that they don’t have anything. You can say: “But I don’t have anything either, do I?!” You possess great desire, an understanding that you are lacking unity.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/22/2011, The Book of Zohar

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