Counter To Reason

laitman_232.02Question: Why does Kabbalah speak to me through the mind even though I don’t understand anything? Why does  it require change and work at the level of feelings  even though I don’t feel the upper world?

Answer: It is because our feelings lead to a new mind. Reason is the result of new desires and feelings.

For some reason, we believe that feelings and the mind are opposite to each other. It is not so! My feelings, that is, my desires and what I feel in them, practically determine my mind. Being determines consciousness.

By changing desires and their fulfillments, my mind changes. And if not, then I can go by faith above reason counter to it. The mind is not sacred to me, but sometimes it is more important than feelings because it gives me a certain degree, and I suppress my mind and go above it.

Reason says: “Expand your knowledge, your desires, and work with them.” And I answer: “No, I do not want to work with them because they do not give me the answer. I have to go a different way.”

What does counter to reason mean? I do not destroy my mind; I only say that what I see does not limit me. I have to climb a step higher than it.

What a step above the mind is, I do not know. Can I think of something higher than myself? So I appeal to my feelings and say: “My egoistic feelings are wrong. I will go with the properties of bestowal, not reception. This is the only way I will achieve the result. And then, my mind will change.”

We are influenced through the mind from above and I appeal to the feelings and go above them to the property of bestowal. And then, I reach a new level: new feelings and a new mind.
From the lesson in Russian 8/26/18

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