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If we wish to be a people in our own land, we must aspire to the Creator’s condition, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Otherwise we will be exiled again!
#Israel #Jewish #antisemitism

Help against you: Thanks to disturbances, I can aim the heart’s focus at the Creator more and more closely. Note how much each disturbance is specifically aiming my focus at Him. Precisely thanks to disturbances, I can return to Him and assert that “there’s none else besides Him.”

Learn to see problems as the Creator’s invitation to come closer above the disturbances, adhere to Him above every disturbance. Then disturbances will turn from problems to assistants, directing you to the Creator. All of life will become like that.
By that we will justify the Creator and elevate ourselves to the degree of righteous.

Reacting to disturbances that aim me at the Creator, I can aspire to Him only through the center of my group (ten). Otherwise the aspiration is in the wrong direction. Precisely in the center of the group, where each one’s ego is annulled, only there, in connection of friends …
… is the Creator’s Temple and Himself.

The Creator is a force revealed in the center of a spiritual ten, where everyone unites in one desire—heart, exalting the friends and thus building the Creator’s image. By connecting desires properly, we get the Creator’s image.
The Creator is our proper connection.
Come – See = Bo-Re.
There is nothing else.

Today, we are at war with each other just as during the Temple’s destruction.
We’ve returned to our land, but do not correspond to it. This is why the world is chasing us out of here.
#Israel #BDS
If we wish to be a people in our own land, we must aspire to the Creator’s condition, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Otherwise we will be exiled again!
#Israel #Jewish #antisemitism

See your whole life only within the aim at the Creator, as the source of everything happening to you. From constant disturbances and distractions from the Creator, and return to Him, as the only source of disturbances, perceive all of life as an invitation to reveal ….
…. the Creator’s single force in all forms.

The manageable world order is over, due to the disrupted balance of forces, caused by the ego’s development. #Globalization destabilizes humanity, proliferating #cyber-weapons. Nationalism grows due to #inequality, #migrants, hatred in the media.
The #EU is a mistake, uniting egoists without education!

Question: What methods are there to educate society if the individual approach is most effective? How is unity to be expressed? Can we only provide maximum communications?
Kabbalah’s Answer: There is only one education method: to bring each person and everyone to the form of the single soul Adam.

The only reason and source of all thoughts and happenings is the need to bring you closer to revealing nature’s law, “There’s none else besides Him.” From every situation, you must attain the Creator’s oneness, how much He gives you a chance to refine and perfect your aim at Him.
From Twitter, 1/30/19

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