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EU intellectuals signed to support liberal values against the growing influence of the far right. The Euro-parliament elections will be a victory for the destroyers. Today’s liberals are more eager to destroy everything than the far right, while both sides are equally antisemitic.
#Antisemitism #EU #liberal #values #politics #Europe

#Davos2019: the #rich and powerful aren’t doing anything to correct the world. They grow richer as the middle class stagnates. The #future looks stark, the #EU and world are about to collapse with a financial crisis. This will be the decline of #Europe and the world.
The only cure is unity above all the forces of separation.
#wef19 #futureofwork #FutureofEurope

#Antisemitism is the nations’ natural repulsion by Jews, with phases of drastic upsurges that take place due to expressions of schisms within the Jewish nation. History gives us countless examples of Antisemitic expressions in the past and future ….
… depending on the Jews’ separation from each other. #HolocaustRemembranceDay

Having attained bestowal in Hassadim, receiving light of Hochma, pass it to others through your AHP. Filling others with Hassadim, correcting their bestowing GE, one must use one’s receiving AHP, revealing light of Hochma, and from it pass the light of Hassadim into GE
of the lower one. That’s how “blood turns into milk.”

If science doesn’t get rid of external pressure, it will cease to be science. Ego’s pressure has reached science: even if your discoveries are scientific and experiments correct, but indicate a preferred gender or race, they’re excluded from #science.
People will fear sponsoring and supporting you!

In 2018 Israel was condemned 20 times by the UN for “violating human rights, and over 500 times since the 1940s. They did not name any authentic violations! How simple, nonpunishable, clear, and wonderful that there is a Jewish State that Anti-Semites can hate openly and justly!

The initial stage of spiritual work is supporting the ten in the greatness of the ten and the goal in states of descent. When you lose your “shirt,” like one living in the woods, be happy that the Creator has given you the opportunity to attain joy in the state of ….
“a Hasid is happy with what he has” (“Hasid” here is not a religious person, but a Kabbalist who has attained the degree of Bina.)

Everyone speaks out against poverty and inequality.
The free market does not correct inequality and injustice.
The world is built upon egoism and no one will give up privileges.
In a democratic government, the main power are the super-rich.
They sponsor the politicians and media …
… and beget inequality. There’s no solution!

It is showing how Democracy has degenerated to its opposite:
#Macron speaks out against the yellow vests’ demand to hold referendums by public initiative. (Unless they are rigged referendums, whose results can be used to benefit the establishment.)

The #YellowVests movement has spread to European cities
The protesters aren’t united by a political movement or ideology. They’re a-political and hostile to the political class and economic situation. In any form, the movement was caused by the general situation in the #EU
… and hence it won’t disappear until the general #European problems are resolved.

Publicly, the industrialists do not advocate automation and promise to protect those who are being laid off. But they invest billions, wishing to eliminate workers. Their ultimate aim is to replace people with machines.
If society won’t take measures to care for itself …
… robots will replace everyone… except the bosses!
#futureofwork #robots #unemployment
From Twitter, 1/28/19

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