The Game That Awakens The Upper Light

laitman_942Rabash, “The Agenda of the Assembly 1”: In love of friends we should behave the same: After examining ourselves and following the known advice of praying, we should think as though our prayer has been answered and rejoice with our friends, as though all the friends are one body. And as the body wishes for all its organs to enjoy, we, too, want all our friends to enjoy themselves now.

Question: Rabash says that a person should behave as if his prayer has been accepted. But what should I do if my prayer has not been formed yet and I have not advanced?

Answer: It does not matter what you have gone through and what you have not. You can always implement the desired state as if you have attained it.

Question: Do I do it for others?

Answer: And for yourself as well. You play it and consequently excite the upper source that changes you.

You have to be certain that the Creator hears your prayer and replies immediately. It does not matter if you understand that you received the answer. You do not know if your prayer was accepted or not. You just have to have full confidence that it works.
From the TV Program “The Last Generation,” 6/13/18

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