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We exist in a system of forces that develop us.
In the 20th century we thought that the next social form is a global humanity. In the 21st century it’s clear that nature won’t do this by itself.
The world is at an impasse.
Kabbalah says: nature (the Creator) builds a global humanity…
… by our conscious desire.

The Creator made the vessel of the soul and broke it. We must identify the breakage, the gap between us, and how to bridge it, be included in one another. Despite our reluctance to unite, we come closer against our will—and by the light’s force, attain unity …
…. and equivalence to the Source.

Two lights of Torah:
—light of correction (of desires)
—light of attainment (Creator’s revelation)
At first the light begets the will to bestow, the Kli.
When one can already act with an intention for the Creator’s sake,
he will find out that only the Creator can give the Torah’s
… light, so man will be able to bestow.

Before the study one must figure out why he is going to study #Torah:
—to know what’s written in the books
—or to receive the Torah’s light, which annuls his ego, thoughts of the self and returns him to the Source; he does not wish any knowledge or fulfillment in reason …
… he wants only a change in himself!

We’re all different parts of one mechanism. We must only connect all the parts. Yet we sulk, each one about his own state. But each one’s state is corrected! The problem is only the right connection with others. But Nature completes this work from above too.
Our participation is to desire this!

One studies Torah:
—to carry out commandments
—because one has to study it.
One studies Kabbalah:
—to receive the Torah’s light that corrects egoism and gives faith, the force to bestow and become equal to the Creator (light of Hassadim);
—by the force of faith, in the light of Hassadim, to attain the Creator, light of Hochma, the goal of creation.

The force allowing one to work in the group in conditions of concealment is called Covenant, Mutual Guarantee. When I fall, I lose my strength, but the group gives me strength. When I rise, I give strength to those who fell.
One must constantly play with the group as if together we are ready to reveal the Creator at any cost.
From Twitter, 1/11/19

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