Can Death Be Delayed?

laitman_559Question: Why does a natural event like death instinctively create fear? What is its spiritual root?

Answer: It is loss, disappearance, annihilation, nothing remains. A person as an egoist, is very sorry to lose it even though life is mostly full of suffering.

Also, if we would count the amount of pleasure obtained during our lifetime relative to the suffering, then, of course, it’s not worth living. Nevertheless, our animal body is really challenged by this.

Question: How can we correctly use the fear of death?

Answer: For the time being, we need to be afraid of death, so that, as stated in Kabbalah, it will push us to the possibility of choosing real life. Therefore, to attain eternal, perfect life, we need the fear of death.

Question: Is it possible to ask the Creator to delay death in order to be able to attain more of spirituality?

Answer: This is an incorrect question. Try to attain spirituality instead of putting off death.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 10/7/18

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