Without Depending On Inspiration

laitman_571.06Remark: Recently during a workshop we talked about the love of friends and I heard how everyone spoke not from logic, but from a deep feeling and understanding that it is important, that this is their future, and that they are ready to follow this path selflessly…

My Comment: I am not particularly encouraged by such phrases. Suppose friends are talking about ascent, desire, aspiration, love,  and friendship now, we know how quickly it passes and what remains.

I love to build my inspiration, based on the beginning and end of creation: Where we are? How do we achieve it?—not from what a man says today and tomorrow maybe not.

Therefore, I prefer to always have such a state from which I can develop love, desire, approval, and greatness. But this should be based on the structure of the universe, on the reason for its creation, on its purpose. Then it is really something eternal, global, and perfect.

Of course, everything depends on a person’s character and qualities, but I personally prefer to always have a drawing at hand that shows the beginning and end of creation, the whole path, and how it can be overcome with the help of the group.

Therefore, whatever I have been asked, I always say: “Let’s start with Adam, with his development, with the fact that together we have to restore his structure.” We cannot escape this. We are in it. And then I explain what to do. It does not depend on inspiration. This is the reality.

Question: So, when I am in a dead state, I start to scroll again: the creation of the common soul, the breaking of Adam HaRishon, etc.?

Answer: Yes. But you understand why this dead state is given, where it comes from—from the everlasting, perfect, eternal, and true!
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/27/18

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