Don’t Talk About Your Feelings

Laitman_165Question: Why can’t I talk about my feelings in a workshop? Does it mean that I have to hide them?

Answer: You do not have to hide them, but your egoistic feelings are of no interest to anyone; you cannot fix us and you cannot raise us with them.

If you speak with chopped phrases from a book, you can hardly inspire friends because everyone understands that you are reciting what you have read. And you should not speak too much from your heart too, because if we egoists feel what you feel in your heart, then we can hurt you.

Usually, Kabbalists speak about our common exaltation, about the greatness of the Creator, in their own words. But in principle, it is best to talk about the group: how special the system is through which we can achieve adhesion with the Creator and bring the whole world to a new state that it needs.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/22/17

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