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Baal HaSulam, Fruits of Wisdom, Torah, “Not the time to gather the flock”:
One may not leave society and ask for oneself, even to please the Creator, but must pray only for society. For one who leaves society to ask for himself does not create, but (Kol Hamitgaeh) ….
…. causes the soul’s demise.

Arvut is a law of nature. We will be convinced that everything depends on observance of this law, and the whole Torah is about its observance.
Hence we receive Torah only by agreeing to the condition of mutual guarantee.
All the commandments are the Creator’s instruction to attain mutual guarantee.
This is the goal of our development.

Civilization developed in the West and was exported to the whole world, resulting in scientific, cultural, economic and human rights achievements…
But the world is rotting: what was useful yesterday is harmful today.
The #liberals who once protected freedoms are now suppressing anyone who thinks differently, aiming to subvert society.

The heart is a desire, covered by the egoistic intention.
If we rub our hearts against each other, we will peel the egoistic shell, intention, off the hearts, and instead of it will get an intention of bestowal—and the heart will be filled with upper light.
From Twitter, 2/1/19

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