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The path to the Creator lies through the love of friends. Love is achieved by “buying” a friend, fulfilling him, until you enter his heart and fill it with your love. And then, in the heart of the friend, you reveal the Creator.

If all are engaged only in fulfilling the desires of others, as in the commandment “Love others as yourself,” then no one will have to worry about himself. And it will be easy to fulfill the commandment of love, for everyone around takes care of each person …
…. and the Creator’s upper light shines on them.

If people with a small power to exit egoism get together, the forces of bestowal are not present; individually, one cannot cancel himself before others. Despite the potential love for the Creator, they can’t have it actualized—unless they focus only on the love of friends …
… and by doing so receive the light as the love for the Creator.

A group wishing to find the Creator must consist of 10 people engaged in the common work for a single connection between them (minyan), as unified as the body parts. This occurs when everyone cancels himself in relation to the group.
Thus, a single organism/”Desire to bestow” is created, the Creator’s equivalent.

The correction of the soul of Adam occurs in the efforts to unite with the friends in the group. In the measure of their rapprochement and unity they unite with Creator—the light. Unity is called “by way of bestowal.” It is against our egoistic nature.
But only through the unity with friends can one achieve adhesion with the Creator.

All souls come from one soul, Adam, its fall into egoism and breaking into 600,000 souls. The eternal, infinite light that fills it divided, and a temporary little light of earthly life shines in each broken part. We need to collect the broken parts, and the Creator will fill them
….with the full eternal light.
From Twitter, 2/17/19

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