What Is The Significance Of Earthly Life?

laitman_744Question: If in a previous life a person was involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah, what does this give him in the next incarnation?

Answer: If a person in physical life already had a particular spiritual level, it means that he doesn’t need to return to an earthly state any more.

But in case he has a particular task regarding other people, he can return here. This is already a matter of the higher management.

A person who is on a spiritual level, when he returns to this world or even if he doesn’t return, as a general rule he continues his ascent by connecting with other parts of the common soul, the overall system.

Question: Should he be concerned about not coming back?

Answer: No. Understand that when we see the true system of management, we agree with it absolutely; there is no possibility that we will haggle. We see that everything is happening according to correct, just, and absolute laws.

The only meaning for physical life is to reach the next level of existence, ascending to it to attain eternity and wholeness while still in this life.

First, this state cannot be compared to our present existence.

Second, our world (“Olam” from the word “Alama” – concealment) is imaginary. It exists thanks only to concealment. It is as if the true picture of creation is concealed from us and we are shown something that is in the shadows. In fact, our world doesn’t exist; the moment that we correct ourselves, we no longer require a state called “earthly life.”

Moreover, we change our earthly state even within this life, without limiting ourselves in any way, without risking anything, and simultaneously attain the next higher level. And as long as our body is alive, we exist in the two worlds. And when the body dies, we respond to this with complete serenity, because we are already in another world.

As my teacher Rabash would say: “Just as you take off a shirt at night and throw it in the wash, so you throw your body in the wash.”

Question: What will happen to the physical world after all the souls become connected with the Creator? How will our planet Earth appear? Will there be money, banks, and skyscrapers?

Answer: None of this will exist because our world exists only in our imagination. This is an imaginary reality that is given to us in our current senses and is produced only within our desire. But outside of our desires, it doesn’t exist. There is only one general Light that can be perceived only with new senses that are developed accordingly.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/1/15

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