What is Reincarnation?

laitman_938_07Question: What is reincarnation or the cycle of the souls?

Answer: We can understand this by the following example: Suppose we attain a bit of ourselves while working in the group of ten, a section of our soul, and then we attach another ten to ourselves and begin to attain more; the transition from a small whole state to the next whole state is called reincarnation or the cycle of the soul.


This is how the soul seems to wrap itself with larger and larger clothing, with connections to other parts of the general soul until it attains the general common form that is eternal and perfect.

This is exactly where the cycles and the reincarnation of the soul are leading us. It has nothing to do with periods of corporeal life or the physical death of the body, or any of its conditions and development.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/6/16

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  1. Hi Dr. Laitman,
    I stopped classes in part because of time issues, but also because I knew about the 10 Sephirot and much of what you speak through many years of studying metaphysics, and I know that we reincarnate. I have done enough Numerology charts on people (including people I know extremely well) to know that it is always accurate. I am thoroughly convinced we reincarnate because I can SEE what is happening with people and universally, and as I read the numbers, it always matches. I am told that you don’t approve of metaphysics and that I could not do it in conjunction with your studies. You may define reincarnation your own way, but we are still saying the same thing. So why don’t you accept me being a Numerologist? I have enjoyed reading your books, taking classes, watching kab.tv, and now your blog. But I feel Numerology is so important to help people, that I am not going to give it up. I know how much it has done for me. I may have given up entirely on life if it weren’t for being aware of why I’m experiencing such brutal trials and tribulations. There is nothing wrong with helping people, and in fact, it is a very spiritual thing. Your teachers claim it is not spiritual. That is not true.
    Why can’t you acknowledge that we are discussing the same thing, and accept that my work is an act of beneficence, and highly spiritual (which it is)?

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