Transcending Time And Distance

laitman_928Question: What does it mean to transcend yourself, to stop feeling your desires, or stop feeling them as yours?

Answer: To stop feeling desires as oneself is a very great correction of man because there is nothing in us that is ours; we are created beings. Creation is formed; it is created! Therefore, the correct image of ourselves, the right perception of ourselves, with the understanding that everything is given by the upper force that surrounds us, is the most important thing that we must do.

Our tuning in to the sensation of the higher field is to first simply believe in it and begin acting, and then to feel it. After all, in fact, there is no faith, as such. It is only required to advance in the attainment of the upper field.

In starting to feel the upper field, you are building more and more reliable and truer images within yourself. Thus, your perception expands, becoming more universal. You rise above time and space.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/27/16

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