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Since every person-nation-country undergoes unique changes, unity among them is possible only if it’s built above their qualities and changes—in the quality of bestowal to others, from oneself and for the sake of the common goal. Otherwise there won’t be any union.
This is what we see in the modern world.
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Being enslaved by egoism/Pharaoh, I can’t sign a union with the Creator, I am not free. But I can exit the Pharaoh’s power and become the Creator’s slave. My will: whose power to choose. The transition under the Creator’s authority occurs by signing a union…
Myself – the Group – the Creator.

The union is the connection between my I and the Creator. It is achieved through unification with the friends. In the center of the ten the connection with the Creator is revealed: I (Isra El) – the Torah – the Creator are one. Unification is called the Union …
… and it determines each spiritual state.

Bnei Baruch @Kabbalahinfo is a link between the Creator and humanity. This is our mission. Hence our ascents and descents can’t affect the process of correction, our individual states. We must ensure the Creator’s connection to the nation of Israel and all creatures. This is our role.

The Creator is the upper force and He clothes in the form of the whole creation.
I am positioned between the Creator and creation. I must absorb desires of all the creatures and fill them with the Creator’s light. Hence I perceive creation as my own soul ….
… which I must bring to adhesion with the Creator.

Understanding one’s mission alleviates despair and gives patience to teach people. I am fulfilling a mission and I won’t back down. The Creator sets up various states for me, but I perceive everything as help to keep moving and I’m not impressed by results.
I am fulfilling the role, “Anything but leave.”

Isra-El (the role fulfilled by Bnei Baruch) has no other obligation in the world besides bringing the creatures closer to the Creator, serving as a conduit between them. In this state they shouldn’t experience any turbulence—only constant fulfillment of their mission …
… similar to taking care of a baby.

System of 10 Sefirot:
—its top part: Keter-Hochma rules
—its lower part: desire of ZA-Malchut rules
In the center of Bina —WE connect both parts. Hence we must be:
—filled with the Creator’s aspiration to delight the creatures
—filled with concern so the creatures will want this.

If we look deeper, we will see that there is no nation of Israel or nations of the world—it’s the Creator’s game with us from two sides: the Creator from above and the Creator from below in the form of the nations of the world. So “There’s none else besides the Creator.”
I am between two forces as a point connecting them. My task is to unite everything in the Creator.

“I awaken the dawn”—when I awaken the need for bestowal, the light of Hassadim, darkness dissipates. It’s dark if I see emptiness in my desire for pleasure. But it doesn’t matter to me what condition I am in, if only to be in bestowal, in the light of Hassadim
… so long as it pleases the Creator.

If a person aims at the Creator, all of his fears and doubts come from the Creator Himself, and only in order for the person to turn to Him with a request to find cover under His wing (screen).

Exactly when you’re experiencing darkness, there’s no need to overcome the desire for pleasure—there’s nothing, nothing left to enjoy! The Creator gave the opportunity called “darkness”—when I feel nothing, want nothing, value nothing.
It is in this state that it is easiest for me to ask for desires to bestow.

Before coming closer to the friends and the Creator, we feel forces rejecting connection. But by correcting them with a plea to the Creator and upper light, their actions of separation transform to the act of convergence, and upon their opposite acts …
… light is revealed instead of darkness and love instead of hatred.

All states come from the Creator; hence, I am happy and grateful for them
Then I feel that this isn’t darkness at all, but an opportunity to bestow.
My bestowal lies in that I don’t demand anything besides the smallest point of unity with the Creator, and no more.

Slowing #economic growth is the law of #social development. It cannot be prevented and leads to political upheavals.
But it is possible to prepare society for new relationships:
1. rational consumption
2. proper connection of people and education at the #workplace.
From Twitter, 2/4/19

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