Our Desire To Enjoy Was Created So That We Might Come To Know The Creator

Laitman_2009-05-xx_ny_5048 The only thing created in the whole of creation was the desire to enjoy and nothing exists but this. The Light, the quality of bestowal, created this desire for pleasure as opposite to Itself. The Creator, the quality of bestowal, wants the creation, the desire to enjoy, to feel Him, to understand Him and to reach the state of perfection.

The perfect state is to be in equivalence to the Creator, to the Light, to the quality of bestowal. Therefore, after creating a desire to enjoy, the Creator left it neither empty, nor filled it in an unchangeable state, but rather embedded in it His quality, a desire to bestow. The Creator did not just give the feeling of pleasure or lack of it (suffering), but embedded in it His quality, so that there would also be the understanding of what receiving and giving mean.

The ability to discern bitter from sweet is called “feeling,” and the ability to differentiate between receiving and giving is called “mind.” Mind is also a feeling, a sensation that is inside the desire, but this already exists as “reason.”

It turns out that the desire was created to perceive:

  • fulfillment or lack of fulfillment as sweet/bitter
  • receiving or giving as false/true

Since the creation consists of two parts, the creation and the Creator, or the quality of creation and quality of the Creator, therefore the desire (the creation) permanently exists in the identity of this relationship to itself.

These two components build inside the desire four possible combinations (states) that the science of Kabbalah calls the “Four-letter Unpronounced Name of the Creator” (Yud-Hey-Vav-Hey). This matrix includes all revelations of the Creator within the creation, from the simplest to the most complex forms.

Each of the four increasingly advanced stages includes all preceding stages, growing out of each previous stage to the next one. It is in this manner that the desire to enjoy comes to its full development.

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