The Design Of Desire

Laitman_2009-05-xx_ny_0031 Everything occurs inside the desire to receive pleasure that was created by the Creator. As it develops, this desire goes through changes. Initially I agree with that desire and am not in conflict with it. In fact, what conflict could be there if I don’t separate myself from the desire and act according to its orders?

I still have no clue that it is not me who wants anything, but rather it is the desire commanding me. I don’t yet realize or distinguish myself separately as:

  1. A desire
  2. A human being

When the point in the heart (the Creator) awakens in me and gives me the aspiration to bestow, then I realize that the desire is not my own. Now there is:

  1. A desire
  2. Me (the point in the heart)

By attempting to change the desires, I separate them from myself more and more and begin feeling that I am enslaved to them. Regardless of whether I enjoy my desires or suffer from them, I begin to understand that desires are being sent to me. My reality then seems to consist of three elements:

  1. The Creator
  2. The desires sent by Him
  3. Me

Kabbalah explains that I have free choice to raise the importance of the spiritual goal above the interests of my body and my current life. This can be done under the influence of the group and the Upper Light. I can then change my desires in order to reach the goal. In this way, I will build my equivalence to the Creator, bestowal.

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  1. Not really a comment but more of a question from a “gentile” : Is attaining d spiritual goal achieved only thru kaballah? From my understanding annulling oneself in a group is the equivalent of the universal practice of humility- and lessons/blows from a heterogeneous group are more painful(effective?) than from a homogeneous one. It involves greater patience when someone does not understand where you are coming from. Also, kaballah implies elitism- “choosen-ness”;it seems only those from the so-called developed economies will have access to kaballah and be enlightened and climb the spiritual ladder than the rest of the humanity. Lastly, desire is not necessarily a “bad” thing even if used in a selfish way- like I desire spiritual elevation and desire, as you described in your blogs, to be equivalent in form with the Creator. Been reading your blogs. Some I easily grasped, others are beyond me. On the whole they helped to clarify some issues and helped me plod along the way. Thank you very much!

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