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Dr Michael Laitman TwitterThe path will be overcome by one who walks it—one who comes to lessons, observes conditions of the assembly of friends. Thus through joint efforts, gradually assembling the Kli, we collect the Sefirot, relying on the friends more and more, who are nearby, struggling not to fall asleep—but not leaving their place in the group.
The result is mutual guarantee!

Do not forget to see the Creator in the Pharaoh. For “There is none else besides Him,” one force that controls us, lovingly leading us forward, purposely scaring us so that we come out of egoism, disillusioning us not to fall for egoism’s traps. Thus we learn the Upper governance

Amalek creates obstacles in the form of slander about the Creator’s work, bestowal, and hence obliges one to rise by faith above knowledge, bestowal above reception, which is revealed to man. Thus, by going above knowledge below, having received the power from the Creator above, one can destroy Amalek.

Egoism (Amalek) leads an internal fight against one’s greatness of the Creator inside man, diminishes the greatness and complete control of the Creator over all the worlds and creatures, to prevent the revelation of man’s awe before the Creator.

“Remember what Amalek did to you upon leaving Egypt.”
Amalek (abbr: al-minat-lekabel)—the evil inclination, egoism.
It manifests itself at the exit from Egypt, when a person wants to leave egoism.

“Happy is the one to whom the Creator sends suffering,” for such an influence compels egoism to act. By gradually correcting it into the intention to bestow, we cause egoism to reveal an even greater breakage—suffering. Thanks to our helpers—haters!

Malchut is called Shechina, “Knesset Israel,” a gathering of souls aimed toward the Creator. It is necessary for the souls to correct its intention from “for self alone” to “for the sake of the Creator” and thus make it similar to the Creator until the unity of the Creator with the Shechina. This is called Tshuva (Tashuv Hey le Vav).

Just like the Creator made the nature to RECEIVE, and added an intention “for self alone”—egoism to it, so will He change this intention toward “for the sake of others”—altruism, so that we become similar to Him in this intention, in the nature to BESTOW.

This is the only means (klal) of the Torah to free us for the work of the Creator.
To achieve Lishma, the way out of the power of egoism so that all thoughts and actions are outside of oneself, for the Creator, which is against our nature, is only possible by uniting in the group up till the love of friends.
This is the only means (klal) of the Torah to free us for the work of the Creator.
From Twitter, 4/29/19

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