Exiting Egypt: From Two Forces To One

laitman_276.05The longer we are in the Egyptian exile, the more we want to come out of it. However, if we were there for a short time, then the desire to come out would be small. These two forces work in parallel—recognition of evil and coming out to the good—the greater one is, the more the other grows. Therefore, the exodus from Egypt is impossible without the sensation that you are in the grip of the egoism.1

We only need to strive toward the goal and each one will reveal whatever is necessary according to the root of his soul. This is not going anywhere, after all we are stepping on our Reshimot (informational data) by which the way to the end of correction is paved. There is no doubt where I will step next: Reshimo on the left, Reshimo on the right and so I advance walking on Reshimot. They are already laid out in front of me, only the speed of advancement and its character depend on me.2

The entire wisdom of Kabbalah and the work of a person are to discover the oneness of the Creator in practice, by becoming a part of that oneness. When I determine that “there is none else besides the Creator,” it means that I am becoming a part of Him. If we become like a punch and a matrix, a seal and an imprint, it is considered that I have built my soul.3

At first, I perceive the Creator and the Pharaoh as two completely opposite forces: the good and the evil, as if in this world I receive a reward or a punishment. Suddenly, I begin to reduce the difference between them more and more until I discover that there is neither evil nor good, but only my connection with “There is none else besides Him.” Therefore, it doesn’t matter to me what I receive from Him, the main thing is that it is from Him!4

If the Creator puts an obstacle before me, it means that beforehand He already arranged everything I need in order to overcome this obstacle. As it is written: “Holiness is increased, not decreased.” The Creator always gives us an opportunity to strengthen ourselves, connect, find new strength, and move forward. He makes a step forward first, and then from the new state sends us burdening of the heart in order to pull us closer to Him. We take a step after the Creator. He leads the way and we follow Him.5

How can we approach Passover in complete readiness in order to be worthy of the exodus from Egypt? We need to unite more. We have enough strength to exit, all we need is unity. Let’s hope that we will reach such connection that is suitable for the exodus from Egypt. That is, that we will feel an acute need to come out of the egoistic love and to unite so that the ten will become as one. Then from the minus, from separation, we will come to one whole, and then we will begin to increase, to grow this unit, due to these disturbances.

First we come from two opposite force, good and evil, to one force, to the point of exiting Egypt. Then from this point, two forces grow again: plus and minus.

First, we connect the good and the evil forces by determining that everything comes from the same Creator. Then we increase the Creator by rising above the disturbances, above the force of evil.6
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/17/19, Pesach (Passover)
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