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“If you asked Jews twenty years ago whether a Holocaust could happen in America, you would get a unanimous answer: “impossible, not in America,” said Dov Hikind, founder of Americans against Anti-Semitism. “Unfortunately, a holocaust is possible in America. It may not look the same, but if we post a petition calling for Jews to be sent to concentration camps in America, many will sign.”

If there was a time when we were certain that the Holocaust could never return, and that anti-Semitism was a passing phenomenon, then we should sober up and understand that things will only get worse.

In the United States they throw coins at Jewish children because “Jews love money”; a group of ten attacked a young Jew in Berlin; the head of Chabad was attacked in Argentina; an Israeli pavilion was destroyed at an exhibition in Prague; a bullet was shot at an 80 year old woman next to a synagogue in France, and her head was harmed. We can go on and on.

Clearly, these examples from the past two weeks are only the tip of the iceberg. Behind them are hundreds and thousands of cases that are never reported. “Jews are attacked physically and verbally – and people are silent,” Hikind concludes.

In order to deal with the growing problem of anti-Semitism, we must understand the root of the phenomenon, or in simple terms: What makes people hate us?

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the irrational hatred of the Jewish people over generations stems from the special role of Jews, to show all of humanity how to unite. We carry a method of human connection, the key to a good and happy life for all people.

As long as the Jews do not fulfill their role, all sorts of suffering increases in the world. Subconsciously, the whole world feels dependent on the Jews, and this is expressed through accusations, slander and a burning hatred, as it were, without justification. But the truth is, that they are right.

The Jews have nowhere to escape. We must begin to recognize the role and responsibility on our shoulders, and realize the rule of “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Only when Jews will demonstrate how to achieve a higher level of human connection, they will alleviate the hatred of the world towards them. And the sooner the better.

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What we perceive as changes in the Creator are nothing other than His games teaching a person, like a father playing with his son, seemingly happy or sad. The Creator Himself is not moved by this game. All this is only for the benefit of his son’s development… #zohar
Baal HaSulam. Preface to the Book of Zohar, 33:

The Creator, by his concealment, creates for us the conditions to strive toward Him. So that it is precisely in yearning for Him one found his own delight. It is in the longing and love aches—in the pulling impulses toward the Beloved where He is revealed. Therefore, a person wants to reveal not the Creator Himself, but a greater place for work.

It is not effort that is considered as spiritual work, but striving for it. Normal, possible efforts are not taken into account, but only the efforts greater than usual, beyond possible, that one can only imagine. Only these super efforts beyond the possible the Creator perceives and gets revealed in them.

A ten must operate by laws of HaVaYaH‘s perfection: equality and mutual inclusion. All the differences that we see, setting apart some people as more successful, are meaningless in reality. The greater is egoism’s resistance and the more efforts we make to overcome it, the higher the outcome!

Hence we have to be understanding of friends who have difficulty being in a ten. Although they will do it later than the rest, they will succeed in spirituality more than the others. Hence we cannot neglect them. Since the Creator brought a person to the group, we have to ensure an equal attitude to everyone.

By exerting to unite, we attain love for the neighbor as to ourselves. Through it, we can then attain love for the Creator, focusing our aspirations through the group on the Creator. We thus bind together all of creation, which gets concentrated in the group and attains adhesion with the Creator.

One who wishes to receive a response from the Creator must ask for the friend.
A request from each person for others—creates a common prayer.
Asking the Creator for the friends—should be a request and gratitude.
A response to the right request is its direct consequence.

Restriction (Tzimtzum) is the cessation of all thoughts about myself.
Reflected Light (Ohr Hozer) is caring only for the ten and the Creator.
Ohr Hozer HaMalbish is how much I can connect desires to caring for others.

It is written that the Creator is found BEYOND the bounds of our earthly sensations. Hence precisely a connection with the friends in the ten allows me to come out of myself into the sensation of Him. To the extent of Their importance above my own.

I can overcome any of my deficiencies if I unite my intention with the group’s intention together toward the goal. This is called signing the covenant.

The entire multiplicity of our qualities and desires was created by 613 lights. Hence there is nothing extraneous in us. We must only put every quality in its right place—and we will reveal the perfect system of the world.

What now seems to me as Me—is not me at all. And what seems to me as the friends—this is the real me. The distortion happens in my perception. The real me is the ten, inside of which dwells the Creator. But I’m made to see myself alone in order to amplify the perception by 620.

The Creator’s concealment was created by Him, not in order to be concealed from us, but to help us create a yearning for His greatness, rather than for egoistically-motivated power. To respect Him as the source of the quality of bestowal, rather than as the one who gives to us!

In a ten, everyone must feel that they are equal. Building equality in a ten is more important than developing the need to reveal the Creator. If there is no equality, then the yearning for the Creator will be distorted since we will entreat Him from an imperfect Kli.

We use the group to make a device for revealing the Creator, like binoculars that we have to bring into focus to see the desired goal. All our rays of vision must be focused in one point so we will gaze precisely at the Creator.

It is written, “You made Me.” The Creator doesn’t exist by Himself, but only as the correct outcome of all the participants in His revelation. This device is at our disposal and we have to activate it. We must invest in creating a “ten” in order to reveal the Creator through it.
From Twitter, 7/1/19

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Book Week And The People Of The Book

laitman_526Israel is celebrating book week. It is clear that the publication and consumption of books increased dramatically over the last year. Despite the popularity of smartphones, it is evident that many new books were written and published. More and more people buy and read books.

Books will never die. Of course, it is very convenient to work on a computer preparing and editing texts and drawings. However, in order to get a full impression from a literary work of art, it must be in print. A book has a spiritual root that combines “the book, the author, and the story” (Sefer-Sofer-Sipur).

A book is not necessarily a printed volume. It can be a scroll or a carving on a stone, but it can never be on a screen because such text is not a work of human hands. A book is written by a person who has put an effort into its pages, into print. When I hold a book in my hands and read it, I feel that it belongs to me and I personally connect with its content.

I cannot, however, connect with a computer screen; it has no spiritual root. A computer, a screen, or a tablet do not exist in nature, but a book does. A book is created from natural materials in order to preserve knowledge and make a record of it in nature. I can never have the connection with the computer screen the way I have with a book because once the computer is turned off, everything disappears. The feeling comes from the spiritual root that is present in a book. There is an association between the person’s spiritual root and that of a book, which ensures our connection. Nothing, however, connects me with a computer. If you compare the impression received from the same work in a book format versus the computer screen, you will find that the printed text has a much greater effect on you.

The spiritual root of a book is connected with the root of the soul, and we can feel it. When I read a book, my soul unites with the spiritual root of the book and receives fulfillment. One can never get such fulfillment from the computer. A modern person cannot understand this because he has long forgotten printed books and lives in a virtual world. Computers are made of plastic, which breeds plastic knowledge and plastic hearts.

One does not print a text on the computer screen because a moment later, the screen will show something else. The text appears and then it disappears—it is not there. But if I pick up a book, it contains the thoughts and the desires of the author forever.

You must hold a book in your hands and read it letter by letter because it is an expression of the spiritual root. Thus, technology can further develop, but the book is eternal because it contains a spiritual root. Reading a book brings a certain pleasure, which is unachievable when reading from a screen. By reading from a screen, we obtain knowledge, but from the book we get the feeling.

The book unites the book-the author-the story (Sefer-Sofer-Sipur). There is a writer and his story conveyed to us in a book. A reader receives knowledge from the author and it becomes a part of him. Through the narrative, the author is able to deliver his story from inside the book, and share the root of his soul with a reader. There is no other way to convey an inner impression from one person to another.

Scientific knowledge, tables, and information can be transferred via the computer. But an emotional book that awakens love in one’s soul, a feeling of unity, is incomparable to a computer.

The people of Israel are called “the people of the book” because they were the ones who gave the world its main book that talks about the purpose of this world, about the structure of the entire system of the universe. There is only one book and all the others are its consequences, its small branches. The book of Torah explains the existence of the entire system of the world and our mission in such a system.

If I read a Kabbalistic book now, I am influencing its author although he died two thousand years ago because I am using the result of his work. Through our connection, through the unity in our hearts and souls, through my desire to influence the author, I have an impact on him. I elevate his soul as he elevates mine.
From A “Talk About ‘The Week Of The Book’,” 6/13/19

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Combine The Double Image of the World

Laitman_632.1Question: In order to reach the state of true love, one must observe the single law of the universe, the similarity of properties. Does this mean that I should become like the qualities of nature, with that root cause that created me?

Answer: Yes, we need to become similar to nature in which we indeed reside. But how do you know what this nature actually is? Therefore, we have been given a group, supposedly existing people, with whom I should interact, considering myself and them as one common whole. Thus, I reach the focus, as, for example, from two figures or lines that by adjusting the focus, I turn them into one.

Question: Kabbalah states that nature is altruistic and we people, creation, are egoistic, that means that we have egocentric thinking and we have to bring ourselves to similarity with nature.

Although we understand what altruism is in general, we do not see it evidently in nature. Is it the same matter? Is it egoistic as well?

Answer: When Kabbalah reveals the method of one’s correction to a person, it becomes a method of one’s education. It explains to you how you should change and, in accordance with the changes in yourself, you will see the world corrected. That is how it works.

A person must understand that in one’s field of vision is a double image of the world, and one must combine them. By combining oneself with others into one whole, into one object, you correct yourself and see the world corrected.

The nature of the Creator who created us is altruistic and we have to become similar to Him, meaning similar to the quality of absolute bestowal. The Creator created us opposite to Himself on purpose so that we could attain Him from the opposite state.

By combining absolutely negative and absolutely positive qualities in oneself, a person will be able to rise to the next level of feeling the world.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah” 11/26/18

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New Life 1098 – Illness And Healing

New Life 1098 – Illness And Healing
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The source of all illness is the separation between us. We are linked to a powerful, eternal system with no way out. This social and emotional communication system affects the state of our bodies. In fact, the body is only a shadow of the common soul. If we heal our relationships, everything will heal and no one would get sick in the first place. We are nourished by spirit and a good, social environment. A universal cure for all sickness is readily available if we build a true, loving connection between us that will reveal the general, healing force of nature.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1098 – Illness And Healing,” 3/21/19

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