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What we perceive as changes in the Creator are nothing other than His games teaching a person, like a father playing with his son, seemingly happy or sad. The Creator Himself is not moved by this game. All this is only for the benefit of his son’s development… #zohar
Baal HaSulam. Preface to the Book of Zohar, 33:

The Creator, by his concealment, creates for us the conditions to strive toward Him. So that it is precisely in yearning for Him one found his own delight. It is in the longing and love aches—in the pulling impulses toward the Beloved where He is revealed. Therefore, a person wants to reveal not the Creator Himself, but a greater place for work.

It is not effort that is considered as spiritual work, but striving for it. Normal, possible efforts are not taken into account, but only the efforts greater than usual, beyond possible, that one can only imagine. Only these super efforts beyond the possible the Creator perceives and gets revealed in them.

A ten must operate by laws of HaVaYaH‘s perfection: equality and mutual inclusion. All the differences that we see, setting apart some people as more successful, are meaningless in reality. The greater is egoism’s resistance and the more efforts we make to overcome it, the higher the outcome!

Hence we have to be understanding of friends who have difficulty being in a ten. Although they will do it later than the rest, they will succeed in spirituality more than the others. Hence we cannot neglect them. Since the Creator brought a person to the group, we have to ensure an equal attitude to everyone.

By exerting to unite, we attain love for the neighbor as to ourselves. Through it, we can then attain love for the Creator, focusing our aspirations through the group on the Creator. We thus bind together all of creation, which gets concentrated in the group and attains adhesion with the Creator.

One who wishes to receive a response from the Creator must ask for the friend.
A request from each person for others—creates a common prayer.
Asking the Creator for the friends—should be a request and gratitude.
A response to the right request is its direct consequence.

Restriction (Tzimtzum) is the cessation of all thoughts about myself.
Reflected Light (Ohr Hozer) is caring only for the ten and the Creator.
Ohr Hozer HaMalbish is how much I can connect desires to caring for others.

It is written that the Creator is found BEYOND the bounds of our earthly sensations. Hence precisely a connection with the friends in the ten allows me to come out of myself into the sensation of Him. To the extent of Their importance above my own.

I can overcome any of my deficiencies if I unite my intention with the group’s intention together toward the goal. This is called signing the covenant.

The entire multiplicity of our qualities and desires was created by 613 lights. Hence there is nothing extraneous in us. We must only put every quality in its right place—and we will reveal the perfect system of the world.

What now seems to me as Me—is not me at all. And what seems to me as the friends—this is the real me. The distortion happens in my perception. The real me is the ten, inside of which dwells the Creator. But I’m made to see myself alone in order to amplify the perception by 620.

The Creator’s concealment was created by Him, not in order to be concealed from us, but to help us create a yearning for His greatness, rather than for egoistically-motivated power. To respect Him as the source of the quality of bestowal, rather than as the one who gives to us!

In a ten, everyone must feel that they are equal. Building equality in a ten is more important than developing the need to reveal the Creator. If there is no equality, then the yearning for the Creator will be distorted since we will entreat Him from an imperfect Kli.

We use the group to make a device for revealing the Creator, like binoculars that we have to bring into focus to see the desired goal. All our rays of vision must be focused in one point so we will gaze precisely at the Creator.

It is written, “You made Me.” The Creator doesn’t exist by Himself, but only as the correct outcome of all the participants in His revelation. This device is at our disposal and we have to activate it. We must invest in creating a “ten” in order to reveal the Creator through it.
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