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Concealment becomes a screen, above which we strive to become similar (Edameh) to the Creator—and then we become human, Adam.
The Creator does not coerce us to do this—we, on our own, wish to make ourselves similar to the Creator. For us, concealment becomes both a dividing screen and a screen of revelation.

The Creator’s revelation obligates us to live by the laws of concealment.
We must always take care of the concealment in order to remain distinct from the Creator, not carrying out His laws instinctively, but carrying them out above the concealment, for the sake of His greatness.

If concealment disappears and the Creator becomes revealed, we will turn into angels—animals that instinctively carry out laws of nature, the Creator’s orders. The sensation of the Creator’s concealment pushes us to reveal Him, to become people, to rise to a degree above the animate, to consciously carry out the laws of nature—the Creator.

Kabbalah is the science of the higher ecology. Love for the Creator will obligate us to study the laws of communication and observe them. We will understand that the upper force of nature governs us and mandates us to come to love for the creatures, and not because we want this, which is the reason for Nazism and socialism.
From Twitter, 6/27/19

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