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Descents are given from above in order to check if there are any ascents in egoism. Although, one cannot do much in a descent, upon receiving another ascent one must recall the previous fall in order to understand what must be done not to get any more descents.

In an ascent one understands how much he loses in a descent, in egoism. This calculation becomes increasingly important until, after much suffering, does the real need in the help (salvation) of the Creator arise. And one is able to appreciate the Creator saving him from egoism.

Why is it that specifically the importance of the Creator (the Greatness of the Creator) so important to man? Because we exist in the Creator that fills everything, and only the absence of the desire to reveal His greatness (not Him) is what conceals Him from us.

Descent distances me from the group, and therefore from the Creator. I don’t feel the need for the group or the Creator. It is the opposite in an ascent when both, the group and the Creator, are important to me. If I don’t lose the importance of the Creator, I will not fall. This is only possible in a group that cares about the common greatness of the Creator.

To feel the greatness of the Creator is to value His presence in my life more than life itself. As if I get a result of a blood test with thousands of indicators, but I only care about one: the greatness of the Creator, His importance in my life. I evaluate myself according to it.

A descent means I cease valuing the Creator’s greatness in my life. The Creator becomes unimportant to me—this is called a descent. Only by the scale of the Creator’s greatness in me do I assess my states as ascent or descent: how important/unimportant the upper force is to me.

Ascent and descent are defined only by how much I feel the Creator’s greatness. If I notice that I’ve lost the greatness of the Creator, it’s a descent, since there is no Creator in my world. This is the only thing deemed a descent in spirituality.

The Creator deliberately created a descent for me so I will extract the lack of His greatness. In the ascent I can add the need for the Creator’s greatness that was present in the descent, and ask for His revelation. Therein lies my work—everything else is done from above.

From the descent, I want to extract a need for the Creator’s greatness. This does not mean I sink into a descent. Awakening a descent means awakening only the lack of the Creator’s greatness, which I experienced. I wish to supplement the current ascent with the lack of the Creator’s greatness from the preceding descent.

The state of ascent is the sensation of closeness to the Creator, His greatness
It’s not the Creator Himself that’s revealed, but His authority. If I feel that everything is governed by the Creator, then I can inquire into the previous descent—in order to build an ascent from it
From Twitter, 6/24/19

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