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If one’s intentions are for the Creator, one must behave the same in states of perfection and imperfection, being in agreement, as if one is in perfection. If one’s behavior differs, it means there are Klipot and one must pray for their elimination (Rabash-3, The Land that…)

If a spiritual descent takes place to extend a spiritual ascent, it is considered an ascent rather than a descent. A descent is also an ascent since all its elements are filled by light. In a small descent, there is little bitterness—and little light is drawn (BS. Letter 25)

Baal HaSulam. Preface to TES, 100: Before the upper light is revealed to a person, the more efforts he makes to reveal it, the more distant it appears to him. But this distancing is a way to summon him to make all the required efforts to reveal the upper light, the Creator.

The more extreme are the disagreements between groups of people, the more assured they are that they are right, and the greater they are in number—the higher they will rise above themselves if they exert to unite above their convictions for the sake of one common goal to attain the degree from which Nature’s upper force governs them.

Example of mutual guarantee:
The ten rides in a wagon down a bumpy road. There is a bucket full of water in the middle of the wagon. Each person is responsible for his wheel, keeping vigil that it won’t cause the water to spill from the bucket.
That is, each one eliminates the COMMON disturbances, preserving the COMMON equilibrium.
From Twitter, 6/19/19

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