My Thoughts On Twitter 6/23/19

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It is possible to accelerate the movement toward the Goal of Creation while being in any state, but especially in a state of ascent: to realize that one has received it in order to move toward the Creator and to ask to come closer, EVEN THOUGH one feels no need for it.
And if one does not succeed in the request, he will receive a descent…

Being responsible for one’s actions means that within the boundaries of the freedom of will that I’ve been given, I respond as if the Creator was in my stead…

Good deeds are when you wish to be in the common desire to draw upper light in order to fulfill the friends through you, as a conduit between the Creator and the others. Fulfilling others is exactly what a good deed is.

A sinner is one who has performed great work on oneself. The “Light of Torah that Reforms” comes to him and shows him the place from which he must return to the Creator.  A righteous man is one who, with the help of the Light that returns one to the Creator, corrects his Kelim—intentions for bestowal.

As you weave the blanket of love, treat negative things as being sent from above. The Creator deliberately created evil, but everything is predestined to direct us to the upper force. If we attribute everything to one Source, we will weave a foundation for the light, the blanket of love that will envelop us.

The extent of unity in the 10 determines the degree on the ladder of ascension: the greater is the unity in the ten, the greater is the degree. The higher we are, the more influence we receive from the integral system of the universe—the Kli and its filling, the Creator’s light
From Twitter, 6/23/19

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