My Thoughts On Twitter 6/26/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

It seems to us that in our world we are in the grip of time, and there’s never enough of it. However, in reality, we don’t need much time: I must attain adhesion with the Creator at this very moment, and not think about time…

The Creator’s greatness is the key that transforms ten individuals from an inanimate formation into a living being, Adam, a system similar to the Creator. The ten becomes Human, similar to the Creator, a soul. If you want to reveal the Creator—create a ten for yourself!

The shift from assessing one’s state, “how do I feel,” to the assessment, “to what extent is the Creator’s importance present in me”—is a step toward entering the spiritual state!

During the day, try to live according to the Creator’s greatness, do not consent to its waning. This is exactly where a person’s work lies—everything else is sent from above. One must feel the depth of the separation from the Creator, the lack of His governance, and how the Creator’s greatness fills him.
From Twitter, 6/26/19

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