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The more I exalt the Creator in my eyes, the more I am filled with His greatness. Identifying oneself with Him frees one from all spiritual or corporeal problems. Problems are resolved only by the fact that the Creator, the Upper light, fills our empty desires.

Me – Group – Creator:
The Creator is the reason and goal of group work. But realization happens in the group, where I must attain love for friends. This is what I ask from the Creator. Hence the Creator becomes a means here. But after I attain love for the friends, I can go on to attain love for the Creator.

We strive to hold the Creator in the center of the group, so His greatness will hold and connect us. From the center of the group, the Creator plays with us, dividing us. Yet we overcome the disturbances, constantly preserving the balance by our common sensation of the Creator’s greatness, holding Him up between us.

The way to check the Creator’s greatness is to see how much it obligates me to love the friends. It is written, “from love for the creatures, one comes to love for the Creator.” But why must I love the creatures? Because I want to attain love for the Creator. The Creator is the goal, and preparation for it is love for the creatures.

Ascents and descents happen independently of us. What depends on us is to connect the lack of the Creator’s greatness in us in descent, to the Creator’s greatness in ascent. I, myself, search for and awaken the lack of the Creator’s greatness, trying to feel it, measure it and connect it to the sensation of the Creator’s greatness now.

Man’s primary work is to attach to the ascent the lack of the Creator’s greatness, which he felt before, during a descent. This is exactly why these states are called descents—because the Creator’s greatness disappears in them, there’s no Creator in us and between us.
We want to attach these descents to the ascent.
From Twitter, 6/25/19

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