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Can You Be Anti-Semitic If You Don’t Know What Jews Are? (Quora)

Michael Laitman, On Quora:Can you be anti-Semitic if you don’t know what Jews are?

Yes. I can be an anti-Semite even if I don’t know what a Jew is, because I feel, without any intellectual grasp of what I feel, but I simply feel that my happiness, the world’s peace and my advancement in life depend on the Jews. I feel that this small nation of 15 or so million people runs and manipulates the world, squeezing out its juices and energies, preventing human society from enjoying a good life. That is a subconscious sensation of every person in the world. Also, if one doesn’t feel that way, then it can awaken very quickly, since it lies latent within every person.

Between Me And The Egoistic Desire

laitman_963.1The period before Tisha B’Av (the 9th of Av) is considered to be not very good. Although Israel should be above time and the calendar, we nevertheless feel heaviness and the influence of this difficult period on us. There are growing problems in the world, climate anomalies, all kinds of conflicts. At such times, it is very important to work on the unification of society, which is the only remedy and opportunity to accelerate our development in the right direction and by the correct means.

We are holding a unity evening in these times in order to use the growing egoism and its awakening as a necessary force for advancement.1

Society begins when everyone understands that the goal of our life is to develop toward bestowing to the Creator. By doing so, we become equal to Him in qualities, begin to understand and feel Him, connect with Him, and adhere to Him. Complete adhesion with the Creator is the purpose of our development and of the development of reality. The whole reality becomes one point of adhesion between us and the Creator. This determines the fundamental principle of our society.2

We are not canceling corporeal life. Yet, the main thing for a person is to achieve his eternal soul called “the divine part from above.” The soul is the adhesion of a person with the Creator. In order to reach such adhesion, we need to work together and support each other in the group. Therefore, first of all, we need to organize the correct society that is directed as much as possible toward attaining this goal of adhesion with the Creator.3

To bestow to the Creator means to fulfill His will through adhesion with Him, through equivalence of form. As He is merciful, so I must become merciful, that is, to reach love of my neighbor. However, in order to do so, I first discover hatred, separation, and rejection from others so that I would build the opposite quality above these qualities: connection and love. This is the work of the society.

Society should help and guide me in this work. I understand that I am lazy and that every moment I try to avoid working on connection, consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, I want the society to hold me in their arms, like a mother holds her baby, carrying me in their loyal hands. I am ready to give myself to society because I have already checked myself and realized that by myself I have no strength and brains, no chance. Let society make a human being out of me.4

In this difficult time before the 9th of Av, we need to pay more attention on how egoism governs us, confuses and lowers us to the animalistic degree by all possible means: problems with the climate, in society, at work, and in the family. This time, with all its difficulties, requires more connection from us, because it is the time of receiving the Torah. We could have received the Torah, but we were unable to do so, and therefore, we received destruction—the 9th of Av. This has already happened several times.

If the evil inclination is not revealed, we have nothing to correct and nothing from which we can build our connection with the Creator. One comes to the Creator from two lines: the evil inclination and the good inclination against it. I come to the Creator with my evil nature and ask Him to give me a good nature in order to neutralize and control my egoism.

Today, we are gathering for the unity evening in order to reveal together both our evil inclination and our ability to connect and reveal the good inclination. They are revealed one against the other. 1,500 egoists who understand that the desired goal can be achieved only in the vessels of bestowal gathering together. If each one could rise a little above himself, then through this common effort we will be able to raise a prayer, to ask the Light to separate us a little from our egoistic desire.

We are glued to the egoism, but we want to rise above it a little. The Light, like water, enters between me and the egoistic desire and I begin to sail above it as if on a boat, in my group. From there, I will already be able to start rising.5
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/14/19, Preparing for Unity day
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4 Minute 9:12
5 Minute 12:10

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Earthly And Extraterrestrial Pleasures

laitman_608.02Baal HaSulam, “The Quality of the Wisdom of the Hidden in General,” Practical Learning: It is the nature of those degrees that one who attains finds in them tremendous pleasure and delight when he attains them. This extends from one’s coming into the will of the upper one… .

Question: Is it only about spiritual steps or in our material world, that pleasure is also explained by entering into the desires of the Creator?

Answer: No. By gradually acquiring the qualities of the Creator, one begins to feel pleasure in the state in which he is in our world. Also, an inner Kli is formed in him, an inner vessel for receiving this pleasure.

The pleasures of our world are very specific, small, earthly. They cannot fill us, because they are pleasures within the desire to receive.

Entering the desire to receive (for self), the pleasure consumes it, just like being hungry, I begin to fill myself with food and with every bite my desire decreases. As a result, I stop eating, although there may still be many dishes on the table, but I don’t have any desire for them.

Whereas extraterrestrial desires are based on non-egoistic receiving, when I receive not in order to satisfy my desire, but to satisfy the wishes of another.

And the other’s desires are endless for me. I am in front of a common system that has the greatest desires, equal to the Creator in its strength and force. This is the most incredible, infinite volume that I can fill with infinite upper light passing through me and filling completely this huge vessel.

Therefore, my pleasures will be infinite, if only I will treat the filling as something that I very much desire. Suppose when I feed my child, the more I feed him, the more I enjoy. But in the end, he is sated, does not want to eat more. What can be done?

In contrast, spiritual enjoyment is imperishable, eternal, infinite, perfect, because its desire to receive is unlimited. This is what a special principle of spiritual attainment is about.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 2/10/19

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New Life 1126 – The Importance Of Food In Our Lives

New Life 1126 – The Importance Of Food In Our Lives
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

A meal can fill a person materially and spiritually. We don’t like eating alone because we enjoy giving each other spiritual fulfillment. Food can be a means for connecting and integrating with people. The difference between eating a dish made by a chef alone and eating something simple with friends is the type of filling. We get spiritual nourishment when we relate to others with love and devotion, wanting to fill them with everything good, and to be filled with light.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1126 – The Importance Of Food In Our Lives,” 6/20/19

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