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Meeting with MK Yoav Kisch

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/16/19

I was happy to meet with member of Parliament Yoav Kisch – יואב קיש (Likud). We spoke at length about the growing social schism in Israeli society, and the need for a cohesive and unifying element.

Yoav was one of the founders of the People’s Unity Caucus in the Knesset, and led the “Day of Unity in the Knesset” – a dialogue between ministers and Knesset members with representatives of “Israeliness.” I was very impressed by his willingness to create a spirit of mutual responsibility in the Knesset, as well as his many efforts to strengthen the ties between the divided segments of the public, and support positive initiatives that are promoting a dialogue of connection.

We share the urgency for Israel’s unity specifically in our time, and I support his efforts towards strengthening this unity. It is precisely from the Knesset in Jerusalem – which currently presents division and resentment – where an example unity and connection should radiate to all.

My Thoughts On Twitter 7/16/19

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The will to bestow can be attained only by a plea to the Creator. Or even by a plea for a plea for the will to bestow, by feeling a need. Without sensing a desire for bestowal, one is in an unconscious state. Only a plea brings one to a conscious need to bestow.

Spiritual advancement requires the Creator to be great in one’s eyes.
It is important to attain even a small aspiration “for the Creator’s sake” when in a great descent…
From Twitter, 7/16/19

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Concealment And Closeness Of The Creator

laitman_962.6Turning to the upper force, the Creator, is the most important thing we have. A worker of the Creator, that is, a person who wants to advance on the spiritual path faster than usual, is distinguished by the fact that he or she asks to advance. Everyone advances, every creature, everything is returning to its root, to the complete adhesion that already exists but is concealed from us and needs to be revealed. The natural course of development requires a lot of time, suffering, and blows along the way. However, a person has an opportunity to pursue the advancement by oneself.

Initially, he does not feel such a need in himself; otherwise, everybody would be asking and begging for this. We must look for the correct deficiency and if we discover this deficiency for the Creator, we will be advancing faster than by the usual path of suffering. This path of acceleration (Achishena) does not depend on time but only on our efforts, on our yearning to connect and reveal the next desired state, to want it to be revealed.

By raising our prayer, our request, we accelerate time, and that is why we are called Israel; otherwise, we are considered the nations of the world. This is the whole difference between Israel and the nations of the world. Israel is aiming straight to the Creator (Yashar-El), yearning to reveal Him and adhere to Him above time, that is, faster than it was set by nature. By accelerating time, we become workers of the Creator.

There are periods of such descents when we agree with everything that will happen, losing any hope. We fall to the state of an ordinary person, but then we wake up again by the influence from above. So we move through descents and ascents, that is, a relative disconnection from and connection to the Creator. In the descent, we come to terms with everything that we have, falling to the degree of a beast. Yet, during the ascent, as soon as the Creator awakens us, we are prepared to invest efforts, searching how to strengthen ourselves and to advance more.

States are constantly changing: a black band, then a white one. The Creator seemingly helps us more, then less, and we need to raise our prayer. In all the descents and ascents, our participation is minuscule, but it is precisely what is included in the correction and develops us. In spirituality, it does not matter how big or small you are but how much you have added to your desires and develop them.1

The truth is not as we imagine it according to our mind and feelings. “They have eyes and see not; they have ears and hear not.” It turns out that we will never be able to discover the Creator directly but only through the concealment, by faith above reason.

In fact, the Creator is closest to us exactly when we feel His concealment. He comes closer to us and then we discover that we do not feel Him, do not understand, and do not know. After all, a certain force approaches, elusive to and unattainable by our perception.

But this is not a state of an ordinary person who simply feels and understands nothing. We feel the concealment before us and our inability to reveal it through our sensory organs. It is precisely because the Creator is coming closer that I discover that I am unable to reach Him. What we call concealment, descent, is the time of greatest closeness with the Creator.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/19, Prayer
1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 11:00

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Talk With John Safran

John Safran and Michael Laitman discuss the essence of Jewishness: the Jewish role to be a conduit for unity to spread globally.

How To Raise Children

laitman_543.02Remark: In Japan, any physical punishment of children will soon be banned. The ban on physical punishment of minors applies to parents, social workers, and teachers.

My Comment: How can I express my dissatisfaction with the child’s behavior if it goes beyond what everyone says is acceptable for society, the family, and so on?

Let them give me a full distribution of the influence on children in order to educate them. Because education implies limiting.

You must express your discontent so that the child understands. And he would understand that it is for his benefit. That is, you do it not because you are annoyed and full of nerves, but because you wish for his good. This is of utmost importance in education.

Question: How do you keep in mind that you are not unloading your emotions onto a child?

Answer: To do this, educators must be educated.

Question: That is, you can’t do anything with prohibitions?

Answer: You cannot do anything. So what if there will be the law? What, they will be fined, imprison the parents? It will make such a mess in society.

When the state introduces such a law, and in general any laws, it must necessarily teach how to comply with this law and give it appropriate reinforcement.

Question: What is a proper upbringing?

Answer: It is said: “Man is born to small animals.” Gradually, if we do not educate him, he will become a big animal. In order to educate him, it is necessary to apply a certain pressure—simultaneously with his development.

Letting him know that I am putting pressure on him regarding the animal in him and not about the man in him. I want to develop man, and I want to curb the animal… and the animal is wild.

A child should know that he consists of two parts: good and evil, and we must limit evil.

Remark: I anticipate outraged comments on Twitter …

My Comment: It doesn’t matter. What difference does it make whether or not there are outraged comments? Most importantly, say the truth, and then it will become realized after a while.

Question: So your conclusion is that you need to educate parents and educators?

Answer: Of course. It is necessary to raise parents before raising children. Otherwise, parents will raise their children even worse than themselves.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman,” 4/9/19

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New Life 1120 – Balancing Optimism And Pessimism

New Life 1120 – Balancing Optimism And Pessimism
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

It is possible to advance with confidence when we combine optimism and pessimism. Various characteristics are distributed among humanity to create diversity, complementarity, and a rich blend. It is impossible to change an innate tendency. Instead, we must learn to use it correctly in connection with others. It is not easy to connect with people who have an opposite attitude, but if we succeed, we achieve a higher, more balanced, and whole view.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1120 – Balancing Optimism And Pessimism,” 6/11/19

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