From The Level Of A “Beast” To The Level Of An “Adam”

laitman_938_03Question: In what way is a human on the level of a “beast” different from a human on the level of an “Adam” (Man)?

Answer: A human on the level of a man is on a different level than that of a person on the level of a beast.

Nature created us such that on the beastly level, we behave like beasts: we think only about how to satisfy ourselves, to have a good time, and to reproduce.

On this level a person still doesn’t feel that the whole world is included within him. Whereas, on the level of a man he feels connected with all of humanity.

The fact is that all of us are egoists. When we communicate among us, instead of connection, we feel our general resistance to connection. But when we overcome this resistance and unite, a special power of creation moves through us like an electric current.

Accordingly, as much as each one overcomes the mutual egoism in the connection between us, we begin to feel the next level above the resistance, the discovery of the upper world.

If we are many, 7 to 8 billion, then a system called the upper world is created.

Therefore, it is necessary to teach people to unite over their egoistic rejection of each other, then there will not be any problems in the world. Everyone will understand each other, will be able to achieve agreement among them, and will begin to want constant convergence.

Question: We are always talking about the education of an individual person, but is there such a concept as social education?

Answer: Certainly, in any case, it comes from the individuality of each one.

We need to educate every person, bring him to a society, show him how to come into contact with people, what he will get from this, and which internal structures develop within him. Which is to say, each one must be given the understanding of the entire system.

When a person begins to feel what is happening around him within 8 billion or even within 10 people, he feels what is happening in all of nature, because through the connection with others, he becomes a sensor that understands how nature is organized.

He feels the general rules of nature, its integrality, those laws that operate around him. By himself, he discovers what is called the hidden world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/8/17

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