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Suffering is the manifestation of the coercive force of nature, which expresses egoism’s evil and thus compels us to distance from it and shift to the aspiration to bestowal. Egoism itself pushes a person out of it! By being aware of this, one can aspire to it on one’s own to come out of it faster!

In every friend that the Creator has gathered in the group, there is a spark of love for the neighbor from Adam. If theses sparks are gathered, they will make a fire of love, in which all their transgressions will burn—and the Creator will be revealed in the fire of love.
It is necessary to attain this great fire…

The most important thing is unity of friends.
It brings about emancipation from all obstacles and problems.
Unity eliminates all problems, everything becomes immersed in tranquility and fortune.
True unity corrects everything!
Maor ve Shemesh, Dvarim

A prayer, a request, comes from a person, but the Creator’s help will be received by those who need it.
This is the mercy of the Creator: He helps the one who asks to correctly direct his prayer.
To ask correctly is to ask without an answer, to ask for others, to receive strength to bestow, from oneself!

Zohar: “I dwell among My people. When judgement passes over the world, man shall not separate from society. When separated, even a righteous man succumbs to judgement first. Do not separate from society for the Creator’s mercy is always upon His people, as written, ‘I am always inside My people.'”

Development of souls manifests not through personal growth,
but out of uniting with other souls
That is how spiritual desire and fulfillment grows.
And this is advancement.
The force of advancement is the common request for increasingly greater unity of everyone as one whole
…to create a place for the Creator’s revelation.

It’s not the Creator that appears and fulfills me,
but I am fulfilled by the aspiration to Him.
It’s not the Creator that manifests His image in me,
but I build His likeness inside me.

I am my spiritual progress forward. Nothing else counts. My “I” is egoistic, built against unity, and that means against the Creator. But I care only about my forceful aspiration to unite in the group with the Creator.

Kabbalah is built on the transformation of man. Not something outside of me or my environment, nor the change in people’s attitudes. Just as I do not ask to change my health, destiny, I only ask that He changes my egoism—only this …!

We need the Creator not in order for Him to make peace among us. He elicits strife so we would call on Him and force Him to be revealed between us. When we reach peace, this is an indication that the Creator has been revealed.
And if friction still exists, it means we have not sufficiently revealed Him among us.

The problem of feeling the spiritual world, in which we exist even now, is a problem of its perception.
We exist in it now too, but its nature is imperceptible to us due to its disparity of form with us.
It’s enough for egoism to wish to feel above itself, and we will feel what we did not notice before.

Problems are the empty space between us, which we strive to fill with all sorts of earthly achievements, but unknown to ourselves, we want to discover this emptiness filled by the Creator. All other actions are only in order to find this solution by way of trial and error.

The Creator causes enmity between us, by igniting in us attention to Himself. The proper way to react is to turn to Him together. Without engaging in any disagreements between us, we get together and appeal to the Force that separates us, with gratitude and a request to unify and make us equivalent to It.

The Upper Force always relates to everyone and to no one in particular.
When there are tensions in the group, it is necessary to understand that we are being “played” and if we come together, we will get advanced further.
If everyone succumbs to their own problems, we will return to animal life …

Suffering is a manifestation of the compelling force of nature, which demonstrates how evil selfishness is, and thus compels us to distance ourselves from it and to switch to striving for bestowal. Egoism pushes a person out of himself! Once you become aware of it, you can start yearning to get out of it faster!

All suffering is a demonstration of what ails us—selfishness, which we need to reform. The only problem is to be able to recognize it. And afterwards, the Upper Light takes care of i—by creating in us a yearning for good connections.
Therefore, do understand that all suffering is the symptoms of the disease—and get well!

In the measure of our growth, nature demands an increasingly sensible attitude to it and society, to the extent of “Love others as yourself.” Further on, we have to acknowledge that nature will pressure us until we agree to accept the premise on which its system exists ….
—to become one whole—completely interconnected.

Liberalism has come to an end with economic growth. It can no longer exist by virtue of capitalists’ funds, due to its sizable pressure on governments. Liberals thought they could improve the world, opening up immigration and multiculturalism.
But without correcting egoism, this leads to demise!
From Twitter, 7/14/19

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