My Thoughts On Twitter 7/11/19

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From all the descents and ascents, a person must understand that they have no end and only he can put an end to them, by turning to the Creator with a genuine plea to receive the will to bestow.

If in ascent, one justifies the descent, which now gives him greater recognition of the ascent and greater gratitude to the Creator, then one defines the states only by the opportunity and extent of thanking the Creator.

The Creator gives all the states, and a person must determine his attitude to them. And he shouldn’t worry about being in a low state, but only about how much he aspires, precisely thanks to this state, to the Creator, to the Creator’s help.

In any state, if a person thinks that he is on the path to the spiritual goal—then it is so. At least because he recognizes that “There is none else besides Him” in his state as well. But he can add greater yearning to it—and be more grateful…

In reality, the whole world exists in a perfect state. Only in relation to us does it manifest itself as flawed in our senses, to the extent of our corruptness.
From Twitter, 7/11/19

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