Light From The Future

laitman_294.4Question: What should our attitude be toward negative manifestations of the Creator if it seems improbable to us that something positive will come after that? Or vice versa?

Answer: If I am working hard right now and have two hours left until the work day ends but I know that a wonderful evening awaits me: I will come home, take a shower, dress smartly, and go out with a beautiful girl, is the time that I suffer working hard really suffering for me? No. It is already tinted by the light, by the pleasure that I will receive in the evening.

This is called the Ohr Makif (surrounding light), which is shining to me now from the future. Therefore, today I cannot feel the suffering. Suffering is felt not because I do not have today, but precisely because I do not have tomorrow.

Question: If I do not see the future, then I cannot see the next stage in which a positive face will be revealed?

Answer: This is another matter. How can I ensure that, although I do not see the next step, I am sure that it exists and that it is kind and good for me? In this case, you have to create a group that would support you in this. Embrace the friends and go forward.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/24/19

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