Combine The Double Image of the World

Laitman_632.1Question: In order to reach the state of true love, one must observe the single law of the universe, the similarity of properties. Does this mean that I should become like the qualities of nature, with that root cause that created me?

Answer: Yes, we need to become similar to nature in which we indeed reside. But how do you know what this nature actually is? Therefore, we have been given a group, supposedly existing people, with whom I should interact, considering myself and them as one common whole. Thus, I reach the focus, as, for example, from two figures or lines that by adjusting the focus, I turn them into one.

Question: Kabbalah states that nature is altruistic and we people, creation, are egoistic, that means that we have egocentric thinking and we have to bring ourselves to similarity with nature.

Although we understand what altruism is in general, we do not see it evidently in nature. Is it the same matter? Is it egoistic as well?

Answer: When Kabbalah reveals the method of one’s correction to a person, it becomes a method of one’s education. It explains to you how you should change and, in accordance with the changes in yourself, you will see the world corrected. That is how it works.

A person must understand that in one’s field of vision is a double image of the world, and one must combine them. By combining oneself with others into one whole, into one object, you correct yourself and see the world corrected.

The nature of the Creator who created us is altruistic and we have to become similar to Him, meaning similar to the quality of absolute bestowal. The Creator created us opposite to Himself on purpose so that we could attain Him from the opposite state.

By combining absolutely negative and absolutely positive qualities in oneself, a person will be able to rise to the next level of feeling the world.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah” 11/26/18

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