A Descent Is Really An Ascent

laitman_962.7I must be connected to the ten like a mother to her baby so that not a single thought of leaving it ever crosses my mind and I just become more and more connected to it with every passing day.1

I feel descent and darkness not because of the bad state I have fallen into but because I cannot overcome it and continue on my way. That is, I want to follow the path of truth, but I cannot overcome the descent, then I get help, as it is written: “He who comes to purify is aided.”

Advancement is measured precisely in the descent because during the ascent everything is full of light and such euphoria that nothing can be assessed. In the darkness while clarifying one’s attitude toward oneself, toward the group, toward the Creator, one can understand one’s state.

This lets me make a choice in what to consider as advancement—not a pleasant feeling, but striving for the goal. The fulfillment that I ask for is to give me the strength to advance, the need for the greatness of the Creator.

A new ascent begins only after a person has reached the ultimate depth of descent and feels darkness, despair, and helplessness, but resists it.2

Descent is a tool for ascent. If after the descent we do not work with the acquired tools, with the darkness, bitterness, helplessness, and confusion that are revealed to us, if we do not use them correctly, then it disappears in vain. This is how a wheel spins; the half that moved back must then move forward. If we do not assess the state that passed correctly, then we waste time in vain because the descent will not lead to an ascent. All ascents are the result of studying descents. After all, in the descent, new desires (Kelim) are revealed, and due to them, we advance. The descent is really an ascent.3

There is nothing to hide from our friends in the ten; we remove all the masks and there is nothing to be ashamed of. We go through such states that there is nothing left in each of us but one spark. And all the rest is connection of the sparks together with the Creator that is revealed between them.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/19/19, “Holding Onto The Goal Above The Ascents And Descents”
1 Minute 25:00
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