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A request to the Creator is the only way to achieve the desire to bestow. If one has no desire to bestow, he must ask that he’d be granted the request for the desire to bestow. One should feel pain from the lack of the desire to bestow…

Extreme exertion is needed in order to not allow a single thought of self, but only of the group—otherwise one is destroying his soul! A constant higher effort is required to think only of the soul, i.e., only of the Ten, to pray only for it. But this is how one reaches the goal quickly.

The famous Encyclopedia Britannica—everything is being rewritten to please egoism…

Encyclopedia Britannica has replaced “Israeli” and “Ancient Israeli” with “Palestinian.” The Qumran Scrolls are described as Ancient-Palestinian scrolls. “The Qumrān scrolls have now proven that the Septuagint book of Samuel-Kings goes back to an old Palestinian text tradition.”

To ask for yourself is to cut yourself off the Source of life. We do not feel it, but a person who senses the system understands that it is a simple one, built entirely on connection, and that’s where the Creator resides. All you need to ask for is to belong to this system.
By asking for yourself, you separate yourself from the Source.
From Twitter, 7/2/19

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