Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 4/4/19

Laitman_632.3Question: I have heard that the word “Ubar” (Embryo) and the word “Zam” (Rage) are connected. Can you explain the connection between them?

Answer: The strongest form of expression of egoism is a person’s rage, when he disagrees with the thought of creation and wants to command the world. If he overcomes his rage, closes his mouth and eyes, and restricts all of his egoistic feelings, he becomes an embryo.

Question: Everything happens internally, emotionally with me. Even if someone insults me, either indirectly or consciously, without my knowing about how he feels this, I feel sorrow and always turn to the upper light for help. Are these egoistic feelings?

Answer: It doesn’t matter if it is egoistic. The main thing is that it is affecting you and in this way you expand your spiritual Kli. In order to transcend your ego, it is up to you to experience many examinations within yourself for many years.

Question: Is it necessary for us to discover “fear” in order to begin to attain the right acceptance of creation?

Answer: Yes, but it depends what you are afraid of. The right fear is one where I will not be sufficiently connected with the friends so that through our union the Creator will be discovered and we will give Him satisfaction.

Question: Should I direct my feelings more toward working in a group than to study? Meaning that if you immerse yourself in studying and begin to enjoy it, it will simply sweep you away?

Answer: No. Feelings must develop only in relationships between friends. Everything else is a Klipa (Shell).

Question: What is the right reason for working in a state of nullification in which you only want to care about the spirituality of the friends?

Answer: If your work is directed toward the Creator and you hope to discover Him in the center of the group, your connection to Him and the connection from Him to you is the right direction.

Question: The world is more or less relaxed at the moment and we have the possibility of being involved with spiritual work in a ten, in dissemination, and in study. What if suddenly something happens, a war or big problems in the world, will we still have the possibility of working in a ten, being involved with dissemination and study or will there be problems with this?

Answer: All of this depends personally on you, in your group, in each one of us in a concrete way and in all of us together. It is only this and nothing more.

Question: Regarding the study of the “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” according to what you say, it is necessary to dissolve into a ten, become connected with it, and that is of utmost importance, and we will not understand anything in our mind. But suppose I connect with a ten and dissolve into it and still don’t understand the study material?

Answer: First dissolve into a ten and then it will become clear to you what you must do next. Don’t jump. It is not necessary to say anything at first, just do it. Only this must be in front of you.

Question: What is the importance of the Sabbath and the rest of the customs that are described in the Torah in relation to the ten?

Answer: These holidays have no meaning, these are just spiritual levels. Over time, we will begin to use them and maintain them, but not according to a physical calendar, rather when we achieve these levels.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 4/4/19

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