Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 2/3/19

laitman_962.2Question: Can a thought of one person change the entire world?

Answer: Unfortunately, no, because then that person would change our whole world. This cannot happen. All of us together must connect our desires, then we will have the right thoughts that will change the world. The main thing is the desire.

Question: Does intention drive desire and thought?

Answer: Yes. It manages both desires and thoughts. But the intention appears only after the appearance of the desire itself. When the desire is processed through thought, an intention appears, and thanks to it, the action takes place.

Question: Is there a connection between thoughts and the reforming light?

Answer: Certainly. The reforming light influences you and awakens particular thoughts in you. But everything depends on how you react to them.

Question: What do I gain if I attribute all of my thoughts and desires to the Creator? What should the right response to these thoughts and desires be?

Answer: You will gain a connection with the true source of all your thoughts and desires. First you connect yourself correctly to the source and then everything depends on what you want from it, how, what you are giving back, what you are asking, and what kind of desire you are raising.

Question: How does the thought that “there is none else besides Him” translate into sensation?

Answer: Only through your efforts, your aspirations constantly to try to feel that “there is none else besides Him,” that the Creator manages you completely, and that your connection with Him is absolute and complete, passing through all the cells of your body.

Question: How can we make sure we are giving the Creator pleasure?

Answer: It is very simple. If I give pleasure to the friends, it means that I am giving pleasure to the Creator.

Question: What if we were to see how our thoughts work immediately?

Answer: No, that will never happen. I must only think about the fact that I am working in the right group where everyone will merge together into one single mass and how this mass will become homogeneous, merged without any identification, where our desires and intentions are subject to one thing: to attain the Creator, the one and only power.

Remark: At first, my mind gladly perceives the Creator as an ideal of all the good, without any flaws. But then immediately there is the contact with the ugly realities of this life.

My Comment: Correct. However, I must be ready to perceive these ugly realities of life as being directed at me in order to correct them. They are nothing more than that.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/3/19

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