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The Israeli people’s insensitivity to the wave of #Antisemitism Antisemitism that has already covered nearly the whole world, as well as their insensitivity to the increasing animosity toward them by #Jews in the diaspora—is an enormous threat to their existence!

The word “MITZVA“—commandment is rooted in the word “TZAVTA”—connection between people and between people and the Creator. There is no instruction from the Creator other than fulfilling the Commandment, MITZVA, of uniting among us and with the Creator.

Unknown to themselves, Jews are the ones that hold the method of the world’s correction, Kabbalah. There is no other force acting in the world besides the Creator. Since He has endowed only Jews with the possibility to change the world, he has unwillingly made them responsible for the state of the world. Don’t blame the world, but correct it!

The Creator pits the nations against the #Jews and the Jews against themselves, until they realize that it’s the upper force governing them and obliging them to unite, and through them, uniting the nations of the world. Israel is foolish to waste money and energy on propaganda to persuade the nations to change toward the state of #Israel.

Kabbalah, the method of egoism’s correction, was concealed so the nation of #Israel would intermix with the nations through earthly desires. This is why it had to leave the connection with spirituality or go into exile. That was how the #Jews intermixed with the nations, and correction became possible since the times of the Ari, the 16th century.

A #Jew hates himself for the spiritual structure that exists in him, which is called “Jew”—Yehudi, from the word “Yihud,” unity. He would like to show the world, “I am removing this quality from myself, now I’m the same as you”—but this quality cannot be removed! And that’s what perpetually bothers him…

If #Jews do not consciously come closer to one another in order to transmit the Creator’s light, the force of unity of all nations, to rise above the egoistic animate nature, then that same force of nature, the Creator, compels them to do this by awakening hatred of them #Antisemitism, in the nations.

With His light, the Creator brings out the breaches of connections between us, setting us against each other, bringing out our polarities, consequences of the soul’s breaking, so the need for unity will become more evident, for our sake and for the sake of the world’s correction. #Antisemitism brings us closer, but it is not correction!

Jews have been hated throughout all times. The hatred began the moment Jews fell from brotherly love into unfounded hatred—that is when anti-Semitism was born in the world. We are hated for the bad relationships among us since the world’s correction depends and transpires only through our connection.

Based on the fact that two natures, spiritual and corporeal, manifest and exist in us (Jews and non-Jews, but aspiring to the soul), we must show everyone how to ascend to the spiritual nature by uniting among us in groups.

Mourning the destruction of the #Temple means experiencing pain in the heart that must be felt due to one’s partaking in the destruction. Correction is possible only after recognizing the cause. #Mourning is not about a date, but about a state that prepares us for correction. We are already in the period of correction.

Even the smallest correction inside Israel cannot happen if it does not incorporate the nations of the world. Because it is precisely for them, the nations of the world, that all correction is carried out, as written, “Israel went into exile only in order to attach the souls of other nations to them.” #Israel

Every Jew, like any person, involuntarily does not wish for suffering and hatred from the society in which he lives. He wants to dissolve in society and to be treated as normal—and will therefore always be for America or for Europe, and against #Israel. And he will hide in this!

With the destruction of the Second Temple, the nation fell from the spiritual degree to the corporeal one. It no longer feels the spiritual world and exists only in our world. And their attitude to the “point in the heart” (spiritual aspiration) in them became egoistic—that is, the #Jews hate themselves, their spiritual root!
From Twitter, 7/24/19

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