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Since the times of the Ari, the time of correction has come and the method of correction, Kabbalah, was revealed. Hence if we reject it even today, not recognizing the need to unite, this is the true destruction in us. The real holocaust is not the one that happened in the past, but the one that is happening!

The 9th of Av is revelation of egoism in each of us. Now the time has come to correct it. This is exactly why the breaking happened. By correcting the breaking between us, we attain revelation of the quality of bestowal and unite with the Creator. We must mourn our failures to unite.

We must mourn not over the destruction of the Temple 2,000 years ago, but over the Temple we have not built in our hearts. This is mourning and a holocaust every day! We carry out its destruction today too, as written, “Each day that the Temple is not resurrected is as if it is destroyed anew.”

The 17th of Tamuz is the breaking of the tablets, the 9th of Av is the destruction of the 1st and 2nd Temples, exile of the nation, and birth of the Messiah. All of this is preparation for the 3rd Temple—complete redemption from egoism, unification and revelation of the Creator’s upper light.

Mourning the destruction of the Temple means mourning the lack of yearning for unity, which is called sanctity. It is because requests for oneself elicit separation from the Creator. And only requests for everyone’s unity elevate the world, Israel, as well as the one who asks.
(Rabash, “Destruction of Sanctity”)

“The Temple served all the nations of the world. Otherwise it would not have stood even for one hour. And although the nations are against Israel, the Temple, the world’s perfection for all the nations, was destroyed not at the hands of the nations of the world, but precisely by reciprocal hatred among the nation of Israel.”
(Maaral Mi Prag. Hidushei Igrot. “Gitin” 55:2)

We mustn’t fear that the states we undergo are harmful—on the contrary, these are phases of the soul’s healing. We feel improvement, rehabilitation, sensations become more intense, our eyes “open,” and our strength is magnified—the descent, the soul’s illness passes.

Baal HaSulam: If something seems bad or harmful to us, this testifies to that element still going through a transition phase, in the process of its development and its awareness by us. Hence we have no right to decide that it is bad and to neglect it.

The Creator isn’t hiding in the system—on the contrary, He planted His reason inside it, the sensation of Him inside every part. By putting this puzzle together, we not only get the corrected picture and begin living in that wonderful world, we also attain the general law of the system, love and unity!
From Twitter, 7/21/19

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