Discord In The Ten: An Invitation From The Creator

laitman_959There is nothing but the prayer. We are created from the desire to enjoy and all we can do is organize in groups and learn to awaken the reforming Light, which will light up and give us a feeling that our state is inferior. So we reveal that we are under the governance of egoism, we gradually come to the realization of evil and from the bottom of our hearts, we ask the Creator for correction.

At first, we do not know who the Creator is and how to ask Him. But the desire to enjoy works as help against itself, directing us toward the Creator. We are beginning to better imagine the upper force from the awareness of the opposite property, and thus we come to prayer.

We must realize our evil, become acquainted with the upper force, and be ready to turn this evil into good. The Creator is able to do so and awaits our prayer. It all depends on our true request.1

The path to the spiritual world consists of two stages. First, a person makes all possible efforts in the group, he studies, disseminates, and goes through all sorts of states, accelerating time. This continues until he reaches complete despair and realizes that nothing will help him, but at the same time, he reveals the opportunity to turn to the Creator.

He feels greater connection with the Creator. Beforehand, he did not associate himself with the Creator at all and did not think that there is a force that controls him. There was no connection between the states he passed through and the upper force. Suddenly, he discovers that there is this connection—there is someone who directs and conducts him through different states. So he forms the prayer.2

There are problems that I am afraid to admit even to myself. There are those that I hesitate to disclose to my ten. But imagine that we are one body—not material, but spiritual. This means that everything except the beastly body, which has already died, is common for all of us. So what can we hide from one another in our spiritual work?

If I hate a friend and disagree with him, then I definitely have to confess it to everyone. After all, it cuts me off from development. Even more so, I prevent my friends from advancing.

The whole ten has to be like one body with regard to spirituality, and corporeality does not matter at all, as if the body has already died and decomposed in the ground. It is only our spiritual connection that is important, as much as we can imagine it today, and it will grow as we rise step by step.

Every day, two people in the ten should be responsible for our spiritual state and awaken the rest.3

“Love will cover all transgressions.” It turns out that if there are no transgressions, then there is no love, there is only beastly connection. Love, that is, the spiritual connection, begins when sins are revealed. Every day, one has to hate his friends and cover this hate with love, remembering that there is none else beside the Creator, who is the root cause of all phenomena.

We do not need to look for who is right and wrong: there is hatred and we have to find how to cover it with love. Then, you will see that there is no way you can do it! But if the whole ten asks for help from above, then love will cover all transgressions. Love comes only from the Creator.

Alone without the friends, I cannot turn to the Creator—only together with them. He will then definitely answer us: not me, but the whole ten. He deliberately ignites disputes between us and in a few minutes will kindle it somewhere else.

We should unite around the problem the Creator revealed and thank Him for it. After all, it is obvious that this hatred has always existed and has been revealed only because we became mature enough to ask the Creator for salvation. The revelation of hatred is evidence of progress.

We need to unite all together and perceive this hatred as an invitation from the Creator to turn to Him, giving Him the opportunity to answer our prayer. After several such conscious appeals, we will feel the triangle inside: me – the Creator – the group, or the Creator – the group – me.

If hatred is not revealed, then we are not worthy of advancement. That being said, we do not awaken the hatred; on the contrary, we must strive to unite as much as possible, and then we will feel that the Creator causes the rejection in us.

We do not aspire to reveal the evil, but only the good. The evil we get from above, just like the correction. We always reach for the good.4
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/12/19, Prayer
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