The Structure Of The Universe, Part 1

laitman_548.03The Plan Of Creation—To Bring Enjoyment To Creation

Question: What is the purpose of creation?

Answer: The purpose of creation is of utmost importance. It precedes everything created to where we are now.

The purpose of creation is to bring enjoyment to the creation. In order to accomplish this, creation has to have a desire to enjoy. Therefore, first there has to be a lack in creation, a sensation of what creation wants. The main qualityof the matter of creation is the sensation that it lacks something. This is called “the desire to receive pleasure.”

This desire should develop gradually because creation will be able to determine what is desirable and undesirable for itself, at what stages, in what form, etc., only if the desire develops in a gradual manner. In other words, creation cannot be created immediately. One can quickly build a machine that will perform a certain function, but in order for creation to be independent, for it to become similar to its Creator, for it to enjoy, the desire has to go through certain stages of development.

Question: It turns out that even the Creator cannot create a creation at once, without any stages of development?

Answer: The answer is no. If creation wouldn’t go through a gradual process of development, then it would not be a creation. It would be like a robot, similar to the inanimate, vegetative and animal levels of nature that automatically carry out their programming without any freewill and independent participation on their behalf.

To create a human being is to develop the desire to a point of independence, bringing it to an awareness who it is, what it is, who controls it, and why and how it has been created specifically the way it has. On one hand, this desire has to have qualities opposite to the Creator, and on the other hand, it has to have the opportunity to achieve the Creator’s properties. This is how creation can eventually reach perfection. Therefore, everything begins with the Creator’s influence on creation.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah,” 11/27/18

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